Octomom: Dad’s Alleged Voicemail Reveals Concerns About Suleman’s Supposed Drinking And Driving Habits

Octomom Nadya Suleman’s father reportedly left a voicemail expressing his concerns about her alleged habit of drinking and driving with her children in the car. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Suleman recently checked herself into rehab. She is allegedly dealing with anxiety and prescription Xanax issues.

Ed Doud reportedly left the message for a woman identified as Gina, who was allegedly helping care for the Octomom’s eight youngest children. Gina is no longer helping care for the toddlers. Doud’s message centered around concerns that his daughter was known to drive while under the influence, according to Radar Online.

An excerpt from the audio recording reportedly left by Doud said:

“Gina, this is me, Ed. I’m worried about Nadya. She’s not answering the phone. And I really worry about her. Sometimes she starts drinking vodka, whatever, so maybe she should not be driving. I pick up the kids tomorrow, I mean the big kids. I don’t know what to say. I have no idea what to say. She cannot drive the kids and drive herself and drive back here.”

The former nanny alleges that the Octomom’s drink of choice is cheap vodka and diet cranberry juice. Gina also alleged that Nadya Suleman pours the vodka and juice mix into a water bottle and carries it with her in the car.


Gina had this to say about the evening Suleman allegedly admitted to drinking:

“I had the eight kids and she was meeting me with the older six. She was over three hours late and barely in the door when she asked me for wine. Nadya finally got some champagne as the host had no wine, but it turns out she was already drinking vodka cranberry from a water bottle while driving to the house. Eventually she was packing the car to drive home, but of course I would not allow her to take the kids. I asked an acquaintance of hers to pick her and the older six up. I took the eight babies back to my house.”