Mama June Shannon A 'Very Poor' Mother According To Sugar Bear's New Lady

"Mama" June Shannon has lost a ton of weight, but ex-hubby Sugar Bear's new lady is unimpressed. The reality TV mom who rose to fame alongside her precocious daughter, "Honey Boo Boo," weighed in at 460 pounds at her peak. Her new reality show, Mama June: From Not to Hot showcases her extreme slim down to a petite size 4. Mama June managed to drop the pounds and over a dozen sizes with the help of weight-loss surgery, diet and exercise.

Not to mention the motivation of looking hot at Sugar Bear's wedding to his new gal, Jennifer Lamb.

Lamb is definitely a full-figured woman, something that Sugar Bear (a self-proclaimed "chubby chaser") has admitted to being attracted to in the past. On Friday's episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot, Sugar Bear's then-fiance (the pair have tied the knot since the episode was filmed), Jennifer Lamb made it clear that she is not impressed with Mama June's svelte new look. Or her parenting skills.

As People reports, the most recent episode of the popular reality TV show features Honey Boo Boo dining out with Sugar Bear (her biological father) and his fiance. Immediately, it's obvious that neither Sugar Bear's soon-to-be wife nor Sugar Bear himself are concerned with helping Honey Boo Boo eat healthy, something Mama June Shannon has been promoting in her household since she began her weight loss journey.

(Honey Boo Boo has famously stated that she's not interested in eating healthier or losing weight, despite being decidedly chunky at age 11. According to the pint-sized former pageant queen, she "likes her curves.")

During the meal, the 11-year-old is permitted to choose unhealthy foods and order several sweet desserts. Afterward, she is taken along to the cake tasting for Sugar Bear's upcoming wedding and even given a box of cupcakes to take home.

When Jennifer and Sugar Bear drop her off to Mama June, cupcakes in hand, the fireworks begin immediately. Predictably, June directs her rage at her ex-husband's new wife-to-be.

"What the h*** are you bringing cupcakes in here for? We're trying to eat healthy."
In an open act of defiance against Mama June's authority as a parent, Lamb disregards her anger and hands the offending desserts off to Honey Boo Boo.
"Okay, but Alana's 11 years old and she's a child so I thought they would be good for her. Here you go honey. Enjoy."
Sugar Bear, in a bit of a rough spot, agrees with his fiance that his daughter should be allowed to eat the cupcakes, much to Mama June's rage.
"You know how hard I f***ing have worked to get to where I'm at now. And look at me now. I've lost a lot of weight."
Immediately, Jennifer lets Mama June know that she's completely unimpressed with her new look and happy with her voluptuous body precisely the way it is.
"Well honey, I think I'm beautiful the way I am. If you don't like me, you don't got to look at me. That's why you stay up here in your little clown clothes. But you don't look at me and judge me. I have nothing to do with you."
Of course, Mama June and Jennifer Lamb do have plenty to do with one another, with Lamb marrying June's ex and the father of her child, something Shannon is quick to point out. The two continue to argue in the front yard, with Mama June getting to the point that she tells the pair that if they can't follow her "directions," they won't be taking Honey Boo Boo out again in the future.
Then, Jennifer explodes, attacking Junes parenting skills directly.
"Wow! Directions? Whack directions June Shannon. You need to get directions and learn how to be a mother."
Continuing her attack on Mama June's mothering, Lamb vows to be "the mother you can't be" to little Honey Boo Boo. Later, during a videotaped "confessional" for the reality TV show, Sugar Bear's new woman blasted Mama June once more.
"My opinion about June Shannon being a mother to Alana [Honey Boo Boo]: very poor. Very poor parenting."
Jennifer Lamb's criticism of June's parenting skills weren't the only attack the reality TV mom faced this week. As Extra reports, Mama June's estranged daughter, Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell, blasted her famous mom's weight loss journey in a recent interview. The 22-year-old claims that Mama June only lost the weight to get herself back on TV. What's more, Chickadee says that her mom owes her half a million dollars for appearing on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and that she hasn't spoken to Mama June or her younger sisters for months. Nor does she intend to.
"I can give two craps about them. They don't give two craps about me, so why give two craps about them?"
What do you think about the recent attacks on Mama June? Do you think the reality TV star has good intentions for herself and her famous daughter? Is it right for Sugar Bear's new lady to defy June's instructions for her daughter's care? Let us know in the comments below.

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