Resident In Otay Mesa, California Discover Wrecked Car And Dead Body Of Ejected Driver In Backyard

A man returning to his home in Otay Mesa, California from a night out with his wife made a shocking discovery when he stepped into his backyard. The ABC 10 News reported that around 11:17 a.m., Oscar Luna went into his backyard to turn off some lights he had left on and found a wrecked car as well as the dead body of the driver, who had been ejected in the crash.

When emergency medical services arrived at the home near southbound Interstate 805 transition ramp to westbound state Route 905, they discovered a crashed 2012 Chevrolet Malibu and a males’ body just 50 feet away from the vehicle.

The local medical examiner’s office identified the driver in the fatal crash Saturday as 29-year-old Andrew Louis of Chula Vista.

An autopsy report indicated the cause of death was accidental due to craniocervical blunt-force injuries.

CHP public affairs Officer Jake Sanchez say late Tuesday night, Louis was traveling on a ramp from southbound Interstate 805 to westbound state Route 905 when he suddenly veered off the road, crashing into a fence.

Louis was ejected in the crash, landing 50 feet from his wrecked vehicle which came to a stop in Luna’s backyard.

The homeowner was out with his wife during the crash but when he returned, he made the shocking discovery and stated: “what is this doing…what is happening here” before rushing to the vehicle to see if anyone was inside – that’s when he saw the driver 50-feet away.

Luna said: “I think that it rolled over the fence rather than driving through because the fence was not that heavily damaged.”

He went on to say if there weren’t any trees in his backyard, his house would have been damaged as he claims the trees protected his home.

“All it had to do was travel 10 more yards this way and it would’ve landed right in our room. And the only reason why it didn’t land closer was because of this tree. It wedged itself in there.”

After the fatal crash, he has become even more worried about living next to a freeway, fearing that the accident may happen again but next time, the trees won’t protect his home.

Luna said: “Now I’m fighting for a retainer wall or some sort of guardrail on the other side of the fence, so something like this will be prevented.”

In a Facebook post, Louis’ co-worker, Melvin X. Graham, wrote: “Last night was tough to work through. A co-worker who I would see and talk to everyday died in a car crash on his way to work. The unfortunate part of it was he fell asleep behind the wheel.

“Just a week ago, Andrew and I had a deep discussion about working multiple jobs just to get by. Andrew was a young man, who worked three jobs trying to get by and support his son.”

Graham added that the victim’s mother wasn’t taken the news of her son’s death too well.

Several of Louis’ co-workers and friends were stunned after learning he died after being ejected in a wreck which landed in Luna’s backyard.

April Rochelle Thornton posted: “I’m sorry that this unfortunate tragedy happened. It’s terrible that one day you’re talking to someone and then the next day they’re gone. Life seems to not be guaranteed. But what you can take from this is think about how you’re working in your life. These companies making money off of us but not paying what we’re worth.”

“So we become these slaves to the job. It shouldn’t be this way. I hope that Andrew’s family can find closure and solitude through this devastating holiday. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, his friends, his coworkers and many others that his life touched. And especially with you, love.”

Circumstances leading up to the crash has not been determined but an investigation is underway.

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