‘ReCore’ DLC To Release Early 2017 — Xbox One And PC Gamers Will Get Missing Corebot T8-NK The Tank [Video]

Gamers who are enjoying the Xbox One console exclusive and PC title ReCore just got some very good news. According to reports, the game will have new DLC available at the start of the new year and it features the missing fifth corebot, T8-NK the tank.

According to a written article by Siliconera, a new trailer forReCore introduced the fifth companion corebot to follow Joule Adams on her adventures in the utopian colony of Far Eden, T8-NK the tank. As fans of the game know, Joule traverses the harsh wasteland with corebots, some being necessary to reach certain areas of Far Eden. Now she has a fifth corebot to help her and it is coming fully loaded. T8-NK will have its own frame parts, its own stats of attack, energy, defense, reboot, and lethal recharge time bonuses that come from equipping them, and apparently Joule can ride on the T8-NK as if it were her stead. For gamers who find it necessary to manually traverse the land instead of warping, this added feature will surely cut travel time.

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It is awesome that gamers are getting a fifth companion corebot in ReCore, but to some extent, it is the publishers, developers, and everyone behind-the-scenes who help bring this game to life adding on parts of a game that should have been in the game in the first place. According to a written article by Shack News, T8-NK the tank’s absence can be seen throughout the entirety of the game. Yet, T8-NK the tank is supposed to be in the game as there are allusions to it. The Hunting Challenges have a blank space for one more frame after gamers find the other four and even though the tank can’t be found, upgrade parts can. Finally, one dungeon, the Quicksand Rally, uses the tank icon in its requirements to complete the objectives. And if that isn’t enough foreshadowing of T8-NK the tank’s presence in the game, promotional art clearly shows it along with Joule Adams and the other four corebots.

"ReCore" Promotional Image -- Silhouette Of Joule Adams and 5 Corebots

For some gamers, it comes as no surprise that ReCore would be lacking given the fact one of its developers is Comcept. In their earlier years, Comcept — a video game developer consisting mostly of former Capcom employees including the legendary “creator” of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune — was showing their mettle, sticking it to their former employers especially with the phenomenal Soul Sacrifice (and its updated version Soul Sacrifice Delta). That does not seem to be the case right now.

Mighty No. 9 (Comcept)

All gamers have to do is look at the latest game before ReCore was released by Comcept, Mighty No. 9. The “Mega Man Killer” was supposed to be this amazing title that would marvel fans of the Blue Bomber. The concept behind the characters and the game itself were top-notch and heavily admired. Even their crowdfunding project for the title was a critical success. Unfortunately, Comcept dropped the ball and gave fans a game that is best described as a shiny turd: a lot of luster but almost worthless. This can be seen in the mediocre to horrible reviews Mighty No. 9 has earned, especially for the Nintendo Wii U.

Unlike the aforementioned games, ReCore is a joint developed project with Amature Studio and Asobo Studio. Along with Microsoft’s backing, it is possible ReCore could be patched up to the point most gamers will find it an enjoyable experience overall.

[Featured Image by Microsoft/Armature Studio/Comcept/Asobo Studio]