WWE News: Mick Foley Undergoing Hip Replacement Surgery

There has been a lot of information surrounding WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley and an upcoming absence from Monday Night Raw. The WWE came out and said that Foley is going to take time off over the holidays to spend time with his family. However, the absence may mean a lot more than that for Mick.

Wrestling Inc reported that WWE insider Dave Meltzer has revealed Mick Foley is undergoing hip replacement surgery and that is why he is taking time off from the WWE. Mick Foley was on TV last Monday night to help give Sami Zayn the rub heading into Roadblock tonight.

WWE News: Mick Foley Undergoing Hip Replacement Surgery

A representative for the WWE reported that Mick Foley was taking the rest of December to spend with his family. He is also scheduled to do his volunteer work as Santa Clause and will return to Monday Night Raw at the start of 2017. While Mick Foley might be spending time with his family, he will also be recovering from the hip replacement surgery.

“Mick is taking time off to spend the holidays with his family and do his volunteer work as Santa. He has not been released or fired…He will return to Raw on Monday, January 2.”

Luckily for Mick Foley, he has been using DDP Yoga for the last year and might be better prepared for this surgery. Mick Foley went to Facebook to update fans on his progress since he started Diamond Dallas Page’s exercise and diet program.

Mick Foley thanked a lot of people for helping push him when it comes to this transformation. He thanked Trish Stratus, Diamond Dallas Page, Stephanie McMahon, Becky Lynch, and more, for helping to encourage him to make this positive move in his life.

WWE News: Mick Foley Undergoing Hip Replacement Surgery

Mick Foley also said that he promised Vince McMahon he would be down 100 pounds by Christmas and that McMahon said he would hold him to that. When Mick called McMahon, he was down 25 pounds to 315 pounds and when he weighed himself last week, he was down to 236 pounds.

“I wonder, really wonder if I would have made it without that phone call. Even with the DDP Yoga, much better eating choices, and the realization that this had to be a lifestyle change, and not just a temporary diet for a big match. Without that phone call, I think my enthusiasm dies out right after Mania at 288. Deep down, in one way or another, whether we admit it or not, all of us are looking for acceptance from Mr. McMahon.”

DDP Yoga is best known for helping guys like Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall beat their vices and addictions and turn their lives around. However, it has also helped people like Chris Jericho and Goldust extend their careers. It is now helping Mick Foley in much the same way.


What DDP Yoga does is that it helps a person really start to fix problems with their bodies, something that will be invaluable to Mick Foley. Chris Jericho has said that he is in less pain now than he has been in years thanks to DDP Yoga. Goldust can do moves now he never dreamed of a decade ago in the WWE.

Now, Mick Foley has really started to turn things around. Not only has he dropped 100 pounds thanks to DDP Yoga, but it is now a chance for him to end the pain he has been in for decades. The hip replacement surgery is needed because DDP Yoga can only do so much, but once he has that completed, Mick Foley might see a world of difference thanks to DDP Yoga and a change in his lifestyle.

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