‘The Wolverine’ Gets A Brand New Teaser Poster [Photo]

Director James Mangold’s The Wolverine has received a brand new teaser poster, according to Ace Showbiz. In addition to the latest slice of promotional artwork, 20th Century Fox revealed that the upcoming motion picture would receive a 3D release.

The black and white artwork doesn’t feature the film’s title anywhere on the poster. All fans get is a stylized version of their hero with his claws extended and the film’s release date. It may be simple, but it’s certainly effective.

According to Indiewire, James Mangold and The Wolverine star Hugh Jackman recently sat down to chat about the film. During the interview, several juicy details were tossed around including what direction fans can expect the next installment to go.

“Enough with the ‘What is my past? ‘Who am I?’ questions,” Jackman revealed. “We’ve explored that, it’s more like the future. ‘How do I live with myself? How do I live with all the knowledge I have and [every thing that’s] happened?’ “

Jackman also explained that audiences can expect their hero to be a bit darker and a lot edgier this time around. “Logan comes into it, very much the tragic hero. Everybody that’s meant anything to him is gone, a lot of which he blames on himself,” the actor said. “The movie’s called ‘The Wolverine’ and what we talked about was we really wanted this movie, better than ever before, to to encapsulate that character.”


Mangold, meanwhile, discussed the numerous adversaries that the film’s hero will have to battle this time around. He also stated that Wolverine will have a much harder time figuring out who to trust and who to destroy.

“Most superhero movies are very clear about who the bad guy is and who the good guys are going to have to battle at the end of the film, and this film is much more of a mystery,” Mangold explained.

The latest teaser poster has been embedded below. Are you looking forward to seeing Hugh Jackman reprise his role in The Wolverine next year?

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