Taylor Swift NOW From AT&T Is Here, But When Will It Update?

Taylor Swift fans were delighted to hear that their favorite singer would get a chance to have her own television channel around the same time that she hinted at Fifty Shades Darker, but when are fans supposed to tune into Taylor Swift’s NOW from AT&T?

On Reddit, there are several positive reviews from the initial launch of Taylor Swift’s NOW. It was teased a couple of months before it was released on Taylor Swift’s birthday on December 13, and fans started posting reviews online around December 14.

However, the big question now is when fans should be tuning into Taylor Swift’s NOW next. This is especially true since Taylor Swift’s NOW is only available through Direct TV, and some fans might need to coordinate viewing times.

Currently, it is expected that updates for new material on Taylor Swift’s NOW will be found through smartphone apps “regularly” although some publications anticipate that this means there will be weekly updates.

Regardless, there is already one special event that Taylor Swift NOW fans will want to invite their friends over to watch with them.

Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift are friends

When Taylor Swift’s NOW was introduced, it was also mentioned that part of the contract would include a Super Bowl special in Houston, Texas, on February 4, 2017, that will be held the night before the football event called “DirecTV Super Saturday Night.”

It was also touted in the original AT&T press release about Taylor Swift NOW that they would give subscribers access to tickets to her Super Bowl concert through the channel’s various promotions or campaigns.

For newcomers to Taylor Swift’s NOW, there are few facts to know. For example, the channel is divided into 13 chapters, and each has curated material available that may be updated individually each week for Taylor Swift’s NOW.

Some of the NOW chapters will be devoted to Taylor Swift’s personal history while others will show life behind-the-scenes of Taylor’s current life.

Best of all, Taylor Swift’s NOW promises to let her fans know the minute she is going to release new work, be in the spotlight, or other music industry news.

Original content that could include audio commentary or new music is also an expectation that Taylor Swift NOW promises fans that subscribe.

In their original press release about Taylor Swift NOW, AT&T referred to the concept as a “streaming video catalog” with new content that would be exclusive to the channel.

They also hinted that an aspect of Taylor Swift NOW would be original “archive” footage from her personal videos. Does this mean that Taylor Swift might have some never-before-seen footage of Harry Styles as one of her “surprises”?

Taylor Swift keeps quiet about politics

While Taylor Swift probably does not have a problem attracting fans, Fortune argues on December 13 that giving Taylor Swift the NOW channel helps AT&T significantly.

Namely, now that fewer people need a traditional landline phone or cable service, AT&T needs people, especially young people that are known to be “cord cutters,” to sign up for their cable-based services.

Naturally, Taylor Swift has many new fans and having them as a captive audience through NOW means that people are signing up for AT&T services and keeping their service paid up. It also means that AT&T can advertise directly to a younger audience.

As far as advertising to Taylor Swift fans, a few options include recent purchases by AT&T such as a $49 billion deal to buy DirecTV as well as plans to buy Time Warner for an estimated $119 billion.

It also appears that the name Taylor Swift NOW was no coincidence. In fact, there is a new service called DirecTV Now that is attempting to gain new users. Currently, the service is advertised as being a 100-channel internet service that costs less than $40 per month.

Other special channels at AT&T that will rival Taylor Swift’s NOW include ones by Reese Witherspoon and a former News Corp president, Peter Chernin.

In the future, Taylor Swift NOW will be an on demand video service available via the DirecTV Now app, and, AT&T’s U-verse service.

More commentary, video clips, and original material will be available to the satellite viewers of DirecTV.

Overall, the new deal means Taylor Swift NOW is potentially seen by AT&T’s estimated 25 million video customers and this number will increase substantially with the final launch of DirecTV NOW.

Taylor Swift NOW will also be available to AT&T wireless customers that want to stream the content for free.

As for the future of Taylor Swift NOW, it does not appear that the weekly updates will be expiring anytime soon. In fact, AT&T’s Entertainment Group CEO, John Stankey, stated the following.

“Taylor Swift NOW is one of many exciting things we have in store for Taylor’s fans and our customers as part of our exclusive multi-year deal.”

To start watching Taylor Swift NOW through AT&T, consult their web page to download or login.

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