‘The Man In The High Castle’ Bosses Tease A Break From The Novel

With the return of The Man in the High Castle for Season 2, many alternate history fans are curious to know how the story will continue to unfold and how different the series will be in comparison to the Philip K. Dick source material. The future of The Man in the High Castle is of particular interest, following the news that the series showrunner, Frank Spotnitz, has departed, leaving David Zucker and Isa Dick Hackett, who is Dick’s daughter, in charge of the show. Now, both Hackett and Zucker open up about the inventive new direction they have in mind for the series.

The Man In The High Castle Moves “Aggressively” Into A Bold New Future

Juliana Crain, The Man in the High Castle

Jumping right into the plans for Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle, producer David Zucker told Variety that they intend to “really move aggressively” into the world of this alternate history from a couple of different angles. He says the focus of the main characters will be given a greater sense of urgency, where their individual circumstances are concerned, but adds that the characters will also be given a wider view of the world.

“We wanted to dig into the mythology of the films and the Man in the High Castle, which as people will see, we will meet straightaway in season two, and something we don’t get to in the book until toward the end of the novel,” adds Ms. Hackett.

While the premiere of The Man in the High Castle’s second season seems to place emphasis on the Adolf Hitler character, Ms. Hackett warns fans not to be mislead. The Nazi dictator’s representation in The Man in the High Castle is an important plot point, but only in moving story arcs along for other characters. Hackett adds it was only necessary to include Hitler, because of his involvement with the films.

While both Hackett and Zucker say they have resisted any inclination to make Hitler a sympathetic character, Mr. Zucker adds that there is that problem with another Man in the High Castle character, Rufus Sewell’s Obergruppenführer John Smith. Even in Season 1, John Smith was a compelling character, revealing atrocities he has committed and will continue to perpetrate, while showing him as a devoted family man at home. Zucker says that duality will continue, as the Smith character faces an “extraordinary storyline” in Season 2.

The Man In The High Castle Stars Open Up About Their Alternate History Counterparts

Luke Kleintank, The Man in the High Castle

Also speaking about Season 2 of the series are Luke Kleintank, who plays Joe Blake, and Bella Heathcote, who plays Nicole Becker. In kicking off the Parade interview, Kleintank shares that Joe will face a tempestuous relationship with John Smith. As Season 2 picks up, Luke says Joe returns to Reich controlled New York City with the film in his hands and, therefore, is regarded as a hero, but The Man in the High Castle character doesn’t feel heroic. He’s beginning to see things in a different light, says Kleintank.

“Joe and Smith’s relationship kind of falls apart and then it comes back together when Joe is thrust into Berlin, where he meets his father,” says The Man in the High Castle actor. “Then, he experiences the Reich in a whole different light, what it has to offer and experiences its seduction.”

Bella Heathcote is new to The Man in the High Castle for Season 2, playing Nicole, who is a documentary filmmaker, but she is also wary of creating propaganda films, so that puts her in an awkward position with the Reich. Coming from wealth, Heathcote says her character is in good graces with the Reich, but she resists the teachings of the Nazis.

The arrival of Joe Blake introduces romance for Nicole Becker and a level of excitement she has previously not experienced.

“She meets Joe and she’s immediately taken with him because he’s unlike any guy that she’s grown up with or spent time with,” said Heathcote. “He’s kind of moralistic and intense, he’s a lot of fun, and he’s very handsome.”

While fans might think the show has no more surprises, after revealing the identity of the man in the high castle, Kleintank warns fans not to be too presumptuous. He says he doesn’t even know where that will lead in the story. Luke says the characters are just beginning to discover what the films represent and why they’re so important.

Bella may be new to The Man in the High Castle, but the show’s relevance to today’s society hasn’t been lost on her. While she says it’s important for that reason, the series is also a compelling story of brave people facing seemingly impossible odds.

The Man in the High Castle is currently streaming on Amazon.

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