Ariana Grande Is On Break As Little Mix Seeks To ‘Break’ America

It is Christmas time, and Ariana Grande’s holiday music can even bring a politically polarized family a few moments of agreement. While Ariana Grande has been promoting Christmas and Chill for over a year, the fact she does not have a third album out for the holidays, does not mean she has been laying low.

Instead, it seems like Ariana Grande is on fire. For example, December 7 was Hairspray Live on NBC, and Ariana Grande played Penny Pingleton.

On Instagram, Ariana Grande showed she was still missing her Hairspray Live family, and she posted a video on Instagram on December 17.

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Regardless, she also appears to be consoling herself with Toulouse, a Beagle/Chihuahua mix Ariana Grande adopted in 2013. Although Ariana Grande owns seven dogs, she captioned a picture of Toulouse around December 17 with “the most perfect creature ever created ever.”

Outside of snuggling with Toulouse and concluding Hairspray Live, Ariana Grande’s last performance for 2016 was with DNCE in Atlanta, Georgia on December 17 for the Jingle Ball.

Next up, Ariana Grande and Little Mix will join forces for Grande’s “Dangerous Woman Tour” that will begin on February 2, 2017, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Little Mix has toured America in the recent past, and they are warming up American audiences before they start touring with Ariana Grande in February. For example, on December 17, Little Mix was live on Facebook with a concert for MTV in NYC.

On December 15, Little Mix posted a video about their 2017 goals as a band and focused specifically on “breaking America.”

This includes Little Mix showing “as much love as possible to America” and they plan to spend their three months in the United States touring with Ariana Grande as wisely as they can. In other words, Little Mix fans in America might be able to expect a few surprises from their favorite U.K. band.

While they may be uniting large groups of fans throughout America, Little Mix and Ariana Grande will part ways at the final “Dangerous Woman Tour” concert on April 15, 2017, in Orlando, Florida.

The European leg of Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman Tour” will begin on May 8, 2017, in Stockholm, Sweden, and conclude on June 17 in Turin, Italy. Around the same time, Little Mix’s tour will begin on May 24, 2017, in Berlin, Germany.

While Ariana Grande currently appears to have a break starting around mid-2017, Little Mix will keep going strong with their “Glory Days Tour.”

Like 2016, Little Mix’s 2017 tour has a European leg, an Asian leg, and then a home stretch leg of multiple shows in the U.K. where they are rated, like Ariana Grande, as top pop performers.

While there is a chance that Ariana Grande could be a surprise guest at the 2017 Little Mix Asia or U.K. “Glory Days Tour” legs, there are no current announcements to support the idea that Little Mix might return the favor to Ariana Grande.

Of course, the main difference is that Little Mix is finally getting a chance to tour America again after taking a break in 2016.

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Naturally, the big question will be whether Little Mix can “break America,” because some critics feel they did not do a good job with that task in the past.

For example, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Little Mix was critiqued in late 2015, and the critic thought the reasons Little Mix fails with American audiences is because they have had a 1990’s musical edge that does not resonate well in the United States.

Little Mix were also called “softer” compared to Fifth Harmony, and that may be a reason that American audiences did not find Little Mix as appealing.

Regardless, Little Mix received the 2016 award for top-selling U.K. tour, and Americans will soon get a chance to hear the band that Simon Cowell created from X Factor contestants.

After multiple top-ranking awards and record-breaking music releases, Little Mix has also won some of these accolades in America as rivals of Ariana Grande.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]