Edward Furlong Arrested For Domestic Violence

Troubled actor Edward Furlong has reportedly been arrested on charges of domestic violence, according to TMZ. As of this writing, the Terminator 2 star is still in police custody.

The incident took place at the Los Angeles International Airport early Tuesday morning. The website explains that Furlong was spotted grabbing his girlfriend by the arm during a heated argument. Officers on the scene noticed that the victim had visible marks on her arm as a result of the scuffle. Furlong was soon placed under arrest.

The actor has had an peculiar stroke of bad luck as of late. In August, Furlong was mugged while paying a visit to “Skid Row,” an area that’s considered by many to be one of the roughest sections of Los Angeles. The Detroit Rock City co-star said that he had stopped to ask a man for directions when the guy demanded that Furlong hand over his wallet.

Shortly after he was mugged in Skid Row, TMZ asked Furlong if anyone bothered to return his wallet. “I did actually, I got my wallet. I got robbed. I was asking for directions. I was coming from a friend’s house. A friend who has an art studio,” he replied.


Edward Furlong skyrocketed to fame after landing the role of John Connor in director James Cameron’s 1991 action classic Terminator 2: Judgment Day. While he would never experience the same success he enjoyed with his motion picture debut, Furlong starred in a number of critically acclaimed films throughout most of the 90s. In addition to American Heart and A Home of Our Own, the actor appeared in James Gray’s Little Odessa and John Water’s Pecker.

More recently, Furlong has starred in a number of straight-to-video efforts including the recent Night of the Demons remake and unintentionally entertaining Cruel World. According to Internet Movie Database, the actor has no less than five titles slated for release in 2013.

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