New McCaskill Ad: Women Call Todd Akin Scary Over ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comment [Video]

Todd Akin is scary. Those are the four words that start Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill’s new ad, and they have become a central theme of her campaign.

The new ad focuses on comments that Akin made last August. The senior Missouri senator said that the female body has ways of “shutting down the pregnancy” if it is a “legitimate rape.”

The new McCaskill ad unleashes a fresh attack on the senator, calling him “scary” and a “danger to women.”

One woman bluntly says: “Todd Akin is scary.”

Another adds: “I worry about the misinformation he evidently believes… I’m afraid of what he will do in Congress,”

Followed by another who says that Akin is not qualified to legislate about the female body: “He has no idea how it even works and he wants to legislate about it?”

The new ad also uses a clip of Akin’s comments. Akin said: “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Akin responded to the ad saying that McCaskill’s voting record is what people should worried about.

Akin said:

“To me those huge government votes that Claire McCaskill takes are the things that are scary and I found myself very much in line with the commonsense of the people of the state of Missouri… A lot of these claims are I think baseless and I think the people are starting to write them off as baseless.”

Here’s a look at the new McCaskill ad:

Akin was urged by several of his fellow conservatives, including GOP candidate Mitt Romney, to drop out of the race, but Akin has continued his campaign. Akin took a big hit after his controversial interview, but it is still a close race. According to the National Journal, McCaskill and Akin are nearly tied in the polls.

The McCaskill campaign, however, refuses to believe that it’s a close race.

A memo from McCaskill’s campaign reads:

“As we plan for the final week of the campaign, Senator McCaskill is fully in command, and we see no indication that Akin has rebounded. Quite the contrary; his ratings are now as low as we have ever measured them.”

Do you think Todd Akin’s comments were scary?