Chris Brown, Lil Wayne Implicated In Ongoing Miami Drug Probe

Chris Brown and Lil Wayne have both been implicated in an ongoing drug probe tied to the arrest of a Miami music producer known as “Cuban Harry.”

Digital Music News reports the focus of the investigation centers on Harrison Garcia’s “sizzurp” and other “purple drank variations” operation.

Garcia, known in music circles as “Cuban Harry,” is known to frequently hang out with both Brown and Wayne, even appearing in a recent video of one of the latter’s artists flaunting wads of money. He also once posted a picture of himself joining Brown on a trip to Albania for a show.

Over the same timeframe, Garcia has become a fixture on the international hip-hop scene, jet-setting with big-name stars, driving exotic cars and regularly posting photos of himself to social media holding loads of cash.

Garcia was recently taken into custody in Miami on felony racketeering, grand theft and trafficking in illegal drug charges.

The robberies are reported to have taken place at as many as 50 pharmacies across the state. The thief ring operated by donning masks and using crowbars to enter into the establishments, where they targeted cough syrup and other drugs.

Court documents also reveal authorities suspect the stolen drugs were used to concoct and distribute an assortment of opioid-powered cocktails.

Known on the streets as “sizzurp” and “lean,” the drugs were then sold all across the black market. Federal agents also suspect Garcia used his Instagram account, where has more than 37,000 followers, to set up various deals. Both Brown and Wayne have long been rumored to be users off such drugs, with Wayne have suffered a string of seizures many have traced to his use of the drugs.

Lil Wayne performs on Camp Stage during day one of Tyler, the Creator's 5th Annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in Los Angeles. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

In 2008, fellow rapper Pimp C died from an overdose of “sizzurp” in Los Angeles.

Police moved to raid Garcia’s operation after he allegedly sold “syrup” to an undercover agent working with the U.S. Homeland Security Investigations unit for a total of $4,530. At the time of his arrest, he reportedly was already on probation and facing federal charges related to the purported sale of promethazine with codeine.

During their search of his operation, authorities recovered two pistols, two pounds of marijuana, a scale, empty baggies for packaging and a bottle of promethazine with codeine with an estimated street value of $1,000.

They also discovered several high-end vehicles, including a Porsche Panamera and a Polaris Slingshot, a futuristic-looking 3-wheeled motorbike.

At a different stash house location, officials also recovered another cache of weapons, including an AK-47, and more than 3,000 pills of the party scene drug Xanax.

Sources indicate at this point, neither Brown or Lil Wayne have been detained, but both federal and local authorities appear eager to speak with each of them as their investigation continues to unfold.

Singer Chris Brown and rapper Lil Wayne accept the Best Collaboration award onstage during the BET Awards '11 held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Variations of “sizzurp” and “lean” have become immensely popular on the hip-hop scene in recent years with rap stars Wayne, Young Thug and Future all dropping odes to the concoctions in their lyrics.

Back in June, Wayne’s private jet was forced into an emergency landing after he suffered a seizure on his way from Milwaukee to California and repeatedly blacked out. After initially refusing medical assistance, the rapper reportedly soon suffered a second seizure, resulting in his aircraft being forced into an emergency landing in Omaha.

In 2013, he suffered as many as three seizures in quick succession, fueling reports that he was near death and being read his last rites. The Cash Money Records rapper later confirmed during a radio interview that he “could’ve died” after his heart rate underwent a drastic drop during the episode.

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