Donald Trump And Ivanka In Vulgar Incest Tweet: ‘Politico’ Journalist Expedited Out The Door [Opinion]

The level of Trump bashing has hit a new low after a tweet insinuating incest between Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka posted this week. Politico has cut all ties with the journalist responsible for the crass tweet, and expedited her out the door. They also expressed how mortified they were to have a writer on their staff tweet such a vulgar remark on Trump and Ivanka.

Firing Julia Ioffe wasn’t really a viable option because she had already given her notice long before she posted this incest-insinuating tweet about Trump. Within two hours of Politico getting wind of this Trump-Ivanka Twitter post, they canceled Ioffe’s contract earlier than originally planned.

Ioffe, who is often seen on CNN and MSNBC as a guest, had taken a position with another political based magazine out of Boston, The Atlantic. Will they still hire her after she suggested that Trump was “f**king his daughter” Ivanka? Yes, they will because they are assured that she will follow the standards The Atlantic has set forth, according to a statement they released this week.

This all stems from Trump assigning Ivanka the office in the White House that is usually reserved for the first lady. Why Trump has planned to have Ivanka in this office is unknown, but that is beside the point. The journalist’s Twitter post about Trump and Ivanka contained profanity. It also insinuated that Trump must be doing the unthinkable to Ivanka for her to get the office usually reserved for the first lady of the administration.

The now former Politico writer posted this to Twitter on December 14 and it read; “Either Trump is [expletive] his daughter, or he’s shirking nepotism laws. Which is worse?” The Hill asked, what if this had been a scenario where Hillary Clinton was in office and a writer posted a similar Twitter comment about Bill Clinton and Chelsea? If this was about the Clintons instead of Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka,”what exactly would the reaction look like?”

Most surmise the answer to that already. This Donald Trump and Ivanka Twitter comment made the trek across the fields of social media. While a good majority of people saw this as “sick” or “disgusting,” Ioffe still didn’t see her Twitter post as containing anything wrong. She also had some supporters backing her up and looking at Ioffe as someone who was just speaking her mind and using a joke to do this.

Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump

Ioffe posted a few more tweets, with one pointing to Trump as a president-elect who has “popularized saying what everyone is thinking.” Then she sarcastically says, “but I guess my phrasing should’ve been more delicate.” After comparing her mode of tweeting to Trump didn’t seem to calm things down, she came out with a very serious apology and deleted her Twitter post on Trump and Ivanka.

Ioffe said she regrets what she had written about Trump and Ivanka and called it a “crass joke.” She then tweeted again saying that she deleted the “tasteless” and “offensive” tweet and she wrote “I am truly and deeply sorry.” She closed with “It won’t happen again.” BPR reports that Ioffe was “forced” to apologize for this tweet. It was just two hours after that Trump-Ivanka tweet went up that Politico let her go, or expedited her leaving the job that she had previously quit.

Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump

Politico was adamant about guarding their publication from being tarnished over incidents such as this one. The question is now raised about Ioffe covering politics objectively after making her thoughts quite clear on opposing Trump. There were some notable names that were perplexed about the uproar over Ioffe’s tweet. Twitchy reports that one of those names belong to MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes. He expressed he was stunned that “everyone was gonna get the vapors because of a single tweet.”

Maybe if people put the ones they love as subjects of this type of tweet they would understand just how disturbing this can be. Would any father out there want to have such a thing said about him and his daughter? Would a mother out there want to read something that insinuates this was going on between her and her son? It is mortifying and very disturbing to hear about anyone else, never mind someone you care about in your own family. Whether Trump is someone you like or not, no one deserves to have this said about a family member. Did she even take into consideration how Ivanka might feel after seeing this?

Ioffe’s supporters called the Trump-Ivanka tweet, nothing more than a joke. In contrast many believe that suggesting incest happening between a man and his daughter is no joke, no matter where it is coming from. Donald Trump, Ivanka, and the rest of this family have weathered many disturbing comments, accusations and inferences, but Ioffe’s vulgar Twitter post brought the Trump bashing to a new and very disturbing level.

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