October 17, 2017
Nicole Kidman: Urban's Family Calls Actress A 'Snob,' Kidman Admits Not Perfect

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban appear to have it all. Together the A-list couple are worth millions and have earned the reputation as one of the world's most adored couples. Urban and Kidman are never shy about gushing over each other during various interviews and red carpet events.

However, not everyone adores the union between the pair. It's been reported that not all members of the country singer's family are happy that he met and married the Hollywood actress. The New Zealand Herald relays details regarding one of Urban's siblings who has an unfavorable view of Kidman.
"...the 49-year-old Australian superstar - who, with wife Nicole Kidman forges one of the world's top celebrity couples - has "abandoned" his older brother Shane, a single father-of-three from Queensland...while Keith regularly appears at A-list events, Shane is left to live and work a far less luxurious lifestyle."
Nicole and Keith own numerous properties around the world and have millions to splurge on whatever they wish to in a moment, Shane reportedly drives a beaten up Toyota and maintains a home worth a mediocre $400,000.

A neighbor to the older sibling of Urban shared an opinion about Kidman and Urban, who have apparently not once paid family members in the area a visit. The neighbor said "I suppose she thinks she's too good for the likes of us around here."

Another source also shared that Urban's family thinks Kidman to be a "snob," and states that Shane has been the only one to look after the family, noting "He (Shane) likes his simple life compared to his brother's, but you'd think Keith and Nicole would treat the bloke to a new car or something." However, Shane himself refused to comment on the claims shared by the insider on the subject.

Although Nicole Kidman seems to be perfect in all manners, she has recently admitted that she is human and has certain shortcomings and failings in life. The star spoke about her worries and fears in a recent interview with Global Connection magazine as Starts At 60 reports.

"I'm too eager to please, I guess that's how I was brought up. "I worry about my kids too. I want them to be safe. I worry about my family. I have fears just like the rest of us. But I do know that people look up to my life and that it seems perfect. This frightens me because none of this has come that easy. I've been on set since I was 14, and I've always worked at it really hard."
The beauty has recently been recognized not only for her tremendous acting abilities in the film Lion, but has been recognized for her flawless complexion by being signed on as the newest face for Neutrogena. Kidman was sure to share that her biggest secret to keeping healthy and youthful skin all has to do with sunscreen and moisture.Kidman spoke about her view of skincare over the years and demonstrates why she is the perfect person to represent Neutrogena, as People relays.
"I think when you're really young, there's cleanser and moisturizer, that's it. For me now, obviously, I'm of course looking to keep my skin as young as it can be. I mean, we all are, I think. So, I'm looking for products that can help that."
Although the actress professes to be far less than perfect, it's truly a difficult task to find any imperfections. The stunner has been married to Urban for 10 years, and the couple share two daughters. Kidman was previously married to Top Gun star Tom Cruise, with whom she shares two grown children.

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