‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 6 Spoilers: What To Expect When Series Returns In March

Once Upon a Time Season 6 went on a hiatus after introducing the Savior’s (Jennifer Morrison) killer, Gideon (Giles Matthey), who is the son of Belle (Emilie de Raven) and Rumple (Robert Carlyle). The fairy tale series will be opening a new epic chapter in March. Here are some of the spoiler tidbits to tide fans over until Once Upon a Time Season 6 returns with Episode 11.

The premiere episode of the current season saw Emma, the Savior, meeting a former Oracle in the woods. The girl told her that her death is inevitable and showed her a more detailed vision of her future time. Emma saw herself in a sword fight with a hooded figure, and she also saw that her opponent had quickly outsmarted her. Her vision ended with the hooded figure pushing the blade through her stomach. The Oracle told Emma that her destination is unalterable even if she takes a different path.

“You can change the path to the destination but the destination is the same. On the day you saw, in the battle you saw, you will die.”

Emma is fated to die, Once Upon a Time co-creator Eddy Kitsis told Entertainment Weekly (EW), adding that the storyline revolving around her grim fate will reach a crucial point in the second half of Season 6, and her mortality will “resonate” in the season finale as well.

“Emma is fated to die and that is the destiny that we learned all Saviors face. That is going to be coming to a head — it is going to resonate in the finale and it will definitely come to a head in the next half of the season when we return.”

The premiere episode set off speculations about the identity of the Savior’s slayer, and Once Upon a Time Season 6 midseason finale put an end to that by revealing that Gideon is the mysterious hooded figure from Emma’s vision. And in the promo of Episode 11, titled “Tougher than the Rest,” the much-anticipated ominous sword fight between Emma and her killer can be seen.

Kitsis is not yet ready to spill the beans about Gideon’s motive in making the Savior his sword’s target. He, however, told TV Line that Episode 11 would unpeel Gideon, revealing his backstory, his driving force and more.

“We pick up with that [pawn shop] scene, and Gold and Belle will articulate some of the questions that our viewers have — What happened to Gideon? Why is he seemingly after Emma? And in her vision, what is motivating him?”

Meanwhile, the threat on Emma’s life will make David (Josh Dallas) and Hook ( Colin O’Donoghue) team up. They will do everything possible to keep her safe. And speaking of Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin), she is unlikely to wake up in Episode 11 of Once Upon a Time Season 6.

The Evil Queen’s (Lana Parrilla) sleeping curse will continue to keep the couple apart, and the second half of the season will see David giving into “darker impulses” because Snow remains asleep, Kitsis told EW.

“What we’re seeing through David is somebody who is at his wits end. This curse with his wife, I think that what we’re seeing is that he’s staying up too late. Without Snow, you’re seeing him starting to give into darker impulses. We’re going to see him have to confront his own demons.”

The winter finale also saw the return of Robin Hood (Sean Maguire), although Regina’s (also Parrilla) soulmate remained dead. This Robin existed in an alternate reality, and because of him, Emma and Regina were unable to escape the wish-realm.

Regina is likely to return to Storybrooke with Robin in tow, but Kitsis warned that his return is not without its share of consequences, according to EW.

“If I were her, I would absolutely be thinking [about bringing Robin to Storybrooke]. But it won’t be without hiccups. It wouldn’t be a fun show if there weren’t consequences.”

Also, Rumple’s mother and the baby snatcher, the Black Fairy (Jaime Murray), who made her first appearance in Episode 9 of Once Upon a Time Season 6, will be returning in the second half. Co-creator Adam Horowitz told TV Line that the new episodes would explore Rumple and his mother’s relationship as well as provide more information about the Black Fairy.

“We are going to see a lot more of the Black Fairy… exploring her both in the past and present and learning more about Rumple’s relationship to his mother and the strange land from which she hails.”

Once Upon a Time Season 6 is slated to air sometime in March on ABC.

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