Mavs Release Delonte West After Second Suspension

As the NBA season approaches, teams are trimming their rosters down to the 15-player limit, and the Dallas Mavericks made their final necessary cut on Monday, waiving Delonte West.

West, a valuable reserve who averaged nearly 10 points per game last season, had been suspended by the Mavericks twice in the past week. ESPN reports his first suspension lasted all of one day, but he was suspended again last Thursday, indefinitely and without pay, and was never reinstated. Both suspensions were for conduct detrimental to the team.

According to the Washington Post, Delonte West was having a negative effect on the Mavs younger players. West, who takes medication for bipolar disorder, is no stranger to getting in trouble. West was once suspended by the NBA for driving a heavily armed three-wheeled motorcycle. That incident also netted West house arrest for eight months.

In an on court incident, West once gave Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward a wet willy during a game. That stunt cost him a $25,000 fine. His first suspension of the last two weeks came following a locker room outburst on October 15 after a preseason game. The second also involved a locker room incident, though the Mavs weren’t specific on the details.

“We have suspended Delonte for conduct detrimental to the team. The suspension is effective immediately and no other statements will be issued,” Team President Donnie Nelson said


As The Inquisitr reported earlier this week, West took to Twitter to complain after his second suspension.

“I love the city of Dallas..I love playin in the NBA…,” Delonte West tweeted. “No I’m not off my meds…no I ain’t on no bipolar trip…this real people lives.”

Delonte West’s release allows the Mavericks to keep Eddie Curry, who the team recently picked up. Curry will likely start the season opener with Chris Kaman hurt.