LG Announces WIDEBOOK Notebook Series. Will Go On Sale This Month

The newest notebooks from LG offer a display that cinema fans will swoon for. The cinematic widescreen ratio of 16:9 is available on the WIDEBOOK Notebook series which includes five models: R580/R560, R480/R460 and R380.

The displays are also LED backlit and all 5 units feature an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. There are also some differences between models, for example the R580 and R560 units come equipped with 15.6″ displays, while the R480 and R460 notebooks offer 14″ displays and the remaining R380 is the smallest display in the series with a 13.3″ surface.

The higher end R580 and R480 units also offers a stylish design that’s missing from the other units.

No pricing as of yet, but the units are expected for sale by months end. [via SlipperyBrick]