March 19, 2017
Dondre Johnson: TV One 'For My Woman,' Funeral Undertaker Kept Corpses In Parlor

Dondre Johnson was willing to do anything to keep his woman, Rachel Hardy Johnson, happy. Even if that meant ruining the family business by keeping dead bodies hidden in and around the funeral home at a Fort Worth Texas parlor. Their grisly story is one about community betrayal that was fueled by a desire to keep up a lavish lifestyle. It will all play out on TV One's newest crime show For My Woman. If the title sounds a bit familiar, it is because it is a play on the words For My Man, another true-crime documentary series on TV One. For My Woman has the same premise. But instead of featuring stories about women who have committed crimes in the name of love for their men, this one will document crimes committed by men to please their women.

TV One's New Show: For My Woman

The spin-off series For My Woman will begin with the case of Dondre and Rachel Hardy Johnson, a greedy pair of funeral home owners who pretended to cremate their clients' dead loved ones but instead tricked them by letting the corpses pile up and stink as they struggled to maintain an expensive lifestyle.

Dondre Johnson had two passions: the funeral business and Rachel Hardy Johnson, a voluptuous woman who rocked his entire world. Dondre was absolutely crazy for Rachel Hardy Johnson and was willing to do whatever he needed to do to keep her happy. But authorities say everything began to go wrong after the couple began having financial troubles, which threw them into financial chaos after they were unable to pay their bills or properly run their mortuary business in an appropriate manner.
To save money, the Johnsons let the dead bodies at the Johnson Funeral Mortuary stack up, including two babies, who police say began to liquefy after two years. One person who knew the couple well made the following statement, according to CBS.
"Johnson once dropped of a woman's body to be cremated and when the body bag was opened he found a baby's casket between her legs. The baby was pretty well decomposed. It's been sitting out for a while – so there's no way that that baby… If he [Johnson] would have brought the baby over right then, if it had just died, it wouldn't have looked as bad as it did."
Rotting Bodies Found In Funeral Parlor

The scandal broke in 2014 after the landlord kicked them out of the building. It was then that he discovered eight bodies on the premises. In addition to the babies, adult corpses were also found. The families of the deceased were left hurt and shocked by the way their deceased relatives were treated.

It was as if this couple was heartless and didn't care. No respect or dignity was given to the deceased. They were literally thrown out like garbage. Dondre Johnson and Rachel Hardy were eventually charged with abuse of a corpse and sent to prison. Rachel Hardy Johnson was also charged with food stamp fraud.

Had Dondre Johnson and Rachel Hardy held on a little longer without breaking the law, they would have been able to enjoy their big break when it arrived. Lifetime Television had already offered the couple a reality show. Good Grief was lined up to follow the Johnsons as they ran their mortuary business from day to day. When the allegations came to light, Lifetime TV ditched the show entirely.

The original location of the Fort Worth mortuary was located at 1051 S. Handley Drive in Texas.

According to Eurweb, to learn more about their love and the crimes they committed, watch For My Woman tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on TV One.

[Featured Image by TV One True Crime/Facebook]