‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Coming Next Spring, European Retailer Says

Grand Theft Auto V fans, we may finally have a release date–or a release window, at least. Over the weekend, a leaked poster from a European retailer claimed that Grand Theft Auto V is set to finally be released next year.

In lieu of official word from Rockstar Games, speculation regarding Grand Theft Auto V‘s release date has been abound over the past several months, with the consensus being that Grand Theft Auto V‘s release date is likely to fall around spring 2013.

Fanning the flames further, European retailer GAME confirmed the leaked image with a few images of their own, which also stated that the latest in the Grand Theft Auto franchise is due for a spring release.

Interestingly, the first leaked image, which you can see here, suggests that Grand Theft Auto V may only be releasing on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, at least initially.

It’s not unheard of for promotional images to “forget” to mention that a game is coming to PC as well, but Rockstar Games has yet to make any announcements about platforms so we’ll have to wait to hear from the developer to be sure.


Rockstar has also been very quiet on specifics about the game, but that’s soon set to change. Game Informer will be breaking the first Grand Theft Auto V details since the game’s announcement in their December issue, which will be released digitally on November 8.

It isn’t November 8 yet, unfortunately, but you can whet your appetite for Grand Theft Auto V details by checking out the launch trailer below.