'Today Will Be Different': Julia Roberts To Make Her Television Debut

Edward VKanty


The changing face of television and the competition from streaming services like Netflix and Hulu has attracted some of Hollywood's biggest names to the smaller screen. The latest star to cast her eye toward series television is Julia Roberts. It has just recently been revealed that Roberts will head up her own series, making her first-ever television debut. Roberts will take the lead in a series adapted from a novel by author Maria Semple, and if Julia's film career is any indication, fans of the actress can expect some emotionally compelling performances from the Mother's Day star.

Us Weekly reports that Julia is joining forces with author Maria Semple in delivering the dramatic and humorous look at one woman's life to television. As told in Today Will Be Different, Roberts will play Eleanor Flood, who sets aside her worries in the hopes to create her best day ever. Unfortunately, everyone in Eleanor's life seems to be conspiring to ruin her day in spite of the character's best intentions.

Annapurna Pictures will produce Today Will Be Different in conjunction with Ms. Roberts' own Red Om Films company, though the series has yet to locate a network interested in airing the series. Joining Julia Roberts on the project is Sue Naegle, formerly of HBO, who has been brought in on Today Will Be Different to help develop the novel for television.

"I'm giddy that Eleanor Flood will be brought to life by Julia Roberts and am elated to collaborate with Megan Ellison, Sue Naegle and the team at Annapurna on this endeavor," said the Today Will Be Different author. "This will be a fun ride!"

While Roberts has appeared in a few guest-starring roles over the years, this will be her first time starring in a television series of her own.

Julia Roberts is known for her unique ability to blend comedy and drama, as can be seen in films like Notting Hill (1999) and Pretty Woman (1990).

Julia starred in Money Monster and Mother's Day earlier this year and has recently finished production on the Stephen Chbosky drama Wonder, which will hit theaters on April 7, 2017.

Two years ago, Julia Roberts lost her half-sister to suicide when, as Closer Weekly reports, 37-year-old Nancy Motes died of a drug overdose, leaving behind a suicide note in which she blamed her mother, Betty Lou Motes, and Julia for her depression. Now, as Ms. Roberts looks back on that tragedy and on her life since the loss of half-sister Nancy, the Today Will Be Different actress says life has helped her to become a better person.

Julia says she's grateful for the bad as well as the good for helping to mold her into a better person, adding that she has come to learn that life is too fragile to be taken for granted.

"I'm better for the things that have happened to me, the good and the bad," says 49-year-old Julia Roberts. "The older you get the more fragile you understand life to be."

Roberts also lost her mother to lung cancer in February 2015.

There's no question that Ms. Roberts is embracing life with all of its ups and downs, as those closest to her can attest. Sources report that, when it comes to the holiday season, Julia's primary focus is on family. Roberts arranges her schedule to make the most of the holidays with husband Danny Moder and with their family and friends.

"Julia's chief goal is to get through the holiday with minimal tears," a family friend told Closer Weekly. "She's going to concentrate on the happy times."

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