‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 71 Review, 72 Preview: Vados Link To Assassination Plot Confirmed As Universe Survival Arc Details Get Revealed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 71, “The Death of Goku! The Guaranteed Assassination Mission,” ultimately proved to be more of a mystery than it was an answer to fans’ lingering questions about Hit’s attempt on Goku’s life. From what could be seen in Episode 71 and in DBS Episode 72’s preview so far, it appears that there are higher powers behind the assassination attempt against Goku. Overall, Episode 71 seems to be a build-up to the upcoming Universe Survival saga, giving fans a tense, high-stakes story that ultimately did not disappoint.

From the beginning scenes of Dragon Ball Super Episode 71, it was immediately apparent that something grave and serious would happen. Even the humorous parts of the episode, which involved Son Goku carrying around groceries and a giant fish while looking for his would-be assassin, carried a sense of foreboding. Eventually, when Hit and Goku did finally meet, their reunion was quick, straight to the point, and downright brutal. The episode ends with Goku being technically dead, as his heart wasn’t beating anymore.

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 71 featured the rematch between Goku and the legendary assassin Hit.
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Just as predicted by numerous reports, however, Goku would not really die. As proven by the DBS Episode 72 preview, the powerful Saiyan’s fight against the legendary assassin would continue well into the following week, with Goku being resuscitated and fighting back against Hit. What is more interesting, however, was a summary that has been released about Dragon Ball Super Episode 72 in Japanese manga/anime-themed magazine V-Jump. As could be seen in the brief teaser, it seems like someone very recognizable would be the one behind Hit’s mark on Goku.

“Hit goes all-out to battle Goku again! Goku dies after his heart takes a direct strike from the assassin Hit’s invisible shock wave. But he manages to return to life after receiving a shock from a ki blast he fired immediately before dying. Now Goku’s counterattack begins!

“Who hired Hit?! Vados was the one who hired Hit to kill Goku. But it seems she was merely acting as a representative for Hit’s true client. Who could that be?! Goku has seen through Hit’s technique! What strategy will he use to counter it?!”

With this information in mind, numerous fans are speculating that someone very familiar is behind Hit’s attempt on Goku’s life. One possible candidate is Beerus or Whis since it was foreshadowed in Episode 71 that the God of Destruction wants Goku to train more than ever for the upcoming Omniverse Tournament, which would be hosted by the Omni-King and is participated by the best fighters in the Dragon Ball multiverse.

Hit and Goku clashed once more in 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 71, though their battle was very brief.
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In a brief scene in Dragon Ball Super Episode 71, Beerus was asserting that Goku must have some serious training, to which Whis only smiled. Since Vados is Whis’ sister and she has access to the legendary Universe 6 assassin, it is then possible that Beerus’ own handler is behind Goku’s assassination attempt. Considering that Goku really improves better in real-world situations than standard training, Whis might have decided to give the Saiyan the most intensive training he could get in the form of a fight that could easily cost him his life.

Dragon Ball Super is steadily improving, and its upcoming epic saga, the Universe Survival arc, is building up to be its best one yet. The official poster and preview for the saga have recently been released, and it looks pretty great, featuring fighters from way back in the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z anime making a comeback. With Gohan, Android 17, Master Roshi, and Tein Shinhan in Universe 7’s lineup of elite fighters, it seems like Dragon Ball Super‘s upcoming arc is something of a love song dedicated to longtime fans of the franchise.


While the specifics for Dragon Ball Super‘s Universe Survival arc are sparse at this point, it seems like the stakes for the upcoming tournament are extremely high. With two Zenos (thanks to Goku) hosting the event, numerous fans are speculating that the losers in the tournament might very well face very dire consequences. With this in mind, and considering Zeno’s temper and unpredictability, it is possible that the losing teams in the upcoming tournament might have their universes erased, much like what the Omni-King decided to do in Future Trunks’ timeline.

Dragon Ball Super has already established the fact that the Omni-King is a being that does not hold back his punches. During the Future Trunks arc, Zeno decided to completely erase a universe simply because he found Zamasu to be annoying. With the God of Everything being the host of a tournament, it is hard not to speculate that the stakes would most likely be off the roof. Nevertheless, Dragon Ball Super has already proved itself as a fine anime that can pull off great stories while keeping its pace and quality steady. Considering that the Universe Survival arc might be the final saga of Dragon Ball Super, fans could rest assure that the producers of the anime would put a lot of effort in making sure the series does justice to its fans.

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