March 19, 2017
Ranika Hall: Missouri Woman Dies Following Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Ranika Hall, a 25-year-old woman from Missouri, has died after she underwent a popular cosmetic surgery procedure known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. According to NBC Miami, on the day of the incident, paramedics were called in at around 9 p.m., to the Eres Plastic Surgery Center located in Hialeah, Florida, after Ranika stopped breathing as the procedure was being performed on her. Ranika was quickly transported to a hospital where she was declared dead an hour later.

According to her family members, Ranika had traveled to Florida to have the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure done after her recent pregnancy. Ranika had a one-year-old daughter, who is currently in the care of Hall's mother, Nicole Hall. According to family members, they tried to talk Ranika out of her decision to have the surgery. However, she was adamant on having it done.

"I tried to talk her out of it. I really did. Her sisters and her brothers tried to talk her out of it," Nicole said.

The family is yet to come to terms with Ranika's sudden death and is seeking answers from the center where the procedure was carried out. Nicole says it is hard to believe that Ranika has passed away.

"Unbelievable like it's not true. It's hard for me to grasp a hold of it. I know it's supposed to be a common procedure. I'm looking for answers," she added.

The family has also expressed their inability to come to Miami to retrieve her body, and is currently making arrangements to have the body brought to her home in Missouri. The have also set up a GoFundMe campaign.

Meanwhile, Eres Plastic Surgery has issued a statement in which they said they are still investigating the incident. The statement released by the center's attorney also expressed their condolences to Ranika's family. This is a part of the statement released on behalf of Eres Plastic Surgery Center.

"Dr. Daniel Calva and Eres Plastic Surgery express their deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of our patient who had recently undergone a cosmetic procedure at our center on Thursday evening. Dr. Daniel Calva and Eres Plastic Surgery are deeply saddened by what has occurred and offer their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Dr. Calva is a highly skilled and caring surgeon that is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to his patients."

Incidentally, this is not the first time that someone. who had approached the center for the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, had died. Last May, another woman, 29-year-old Heather Meadows, also died shortly after the procedure was performed on her. Only back then, the name of the center was "Encore Plastic Surgery" and it was under the ownership of a different person. In fact, upon investigation, it has come to light that the location has been home to several plastic surgery centers over the past 20 years under different ownerships.

According to an NBC 6 investigative report, a total of 11 deaths have been documented since 2010 following Brazilian Butt Lift surgery procedures. It is very difficult to find the actual number of deaths since most centers simply do not report such deaths. Following the NBC 6 report, another study conducted by the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation revealed that a patient is 20 times more likely to die of a Brazilian Butt Lift than any other cosmetic surgery procedure.

In case you are unaware, the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure typically involved fat that is taken from a patient's back or stomach and injected into the buttocks to make them look plump and full. The procedure, however, increases the probability of a condition known as fat embolism in which fat enters the bloodstream of the patient, eventually causing their death.

The actual cause of Ranika's death will be only be revealed after a thorough investigation is complete.

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