A Missing Scientist’s Personal Diary Proves Existence Of Aliens, UFOs, And Secret Government Projects

A document titled Project Pulsar claims to have unearthed some dangerous information on aliens, UFOs, and other secret government programs.

The document stated that the content that was made public is believed to be the personal notes of a scientist, who was contracted by the US government over the years.

The scientist was asked to visit crash sites, interrogate aliens life forms that were captured, and analyze the data.

The creators of the document have not named the scientist, but claim that the expert had made notes during his encounters with extraterrestrial life forms and UFO crash sites. The document also claimed that the scientist was later discovered to have maintained personal notes and was scheduled for termination. However, before that could happen, he fled the country.

The notes made by the scientist details different alien races, their biology, and the language used for interaction. The document uploaded by Auricmedia also throws light on nine different languages used by aliens: Nordic, Pleiadian, Vegan, Syrius, K’Thai, Orion, Antarian, Grey Universal, and Universal Communication symbols.

The document also sheds light on alien pharmacology for human beings. The research claims that aliens are skilled at Psionic Power (the ability to mentally control surroundings, rearranges or create matter and/or project illusions).

The document brings to the fore certain government projects that have not been disclosed to the public. As case in point is Project MK-ULTRA. The report claimed that during the first world war, Germany discovered alien life forms with high-end technology from the outer space.

“Several alien races have been monitoring the human genetic process for millennia. Their presence on Earth has turned more intense because during this last century (1900s), we started genetic change, at first very slowly, and then very quickly. Their reprosits were finally happening, but the technological psychic new human being was growing up very fast and out to control the aliens,” the document said.

According to the report, the MK-ULTRA Project is an ongoing Central Intelligence project. The sole objective of the project is mind control.

The U.S. Intelligence has also been involved in other infamous high-tech procedures such as erasure of memory, hypnotic resistance to torture, truth serums, post-hypnotic suggestions, rapid induction of hypnosis, electronic stimulation of the brain, and non-ionizing radiation, the document revealed.

As to the question of hostile takeover by aliens, the report suggests that the assumption of hostility is illogical. “If ETIs have been observing, and to some extent interacting with Earth for centuries, why delay a hostile occupation? The rather marked increase in UFO and ETI activities coinciding with the dawn of the human nuclear age in the mid-1940s would indicate a genuine concern about human hostile capabilities,” the report said.

This might mean that the aliens are concerned for the long-term welfare and survival of humans or concerned about the potential for human aggression being exported off the earth to their extraterrestrial civilizations.

Earlier this year, a former government emergency expert made a deathbed confession about the Area 51 military base. He revealed that he was shown inside an alien flying saucer at the base, a report by Express stated.

At the Hearing on ET Disclosure in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, a 92-year-old Paul Hellyer, who used to be the Canadian minister of Defense, revealed that if he wanted to know about the workings of an alien spacecraft he would “ask the current chief of emergency measures.”

Helper said, “The reason I know is I interviewed the previous one, who is now deceased, and he went to Langley and the CIA asked if he would like to see one of these crafts.

“They flew him to Area 51 and let him go inside one and observe it and make notes and this sort of thing.”

Given these intriguing details, it appears that existence of aliens and UFOs cannot be dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

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