Donald Trump Slams ‘Demented’ Columnist: Suggests He’d Welcome 9/11-Like Carnage For Boost?

Donald Trump slammed a journalist from the New York Times as “demented” while speaking at a rally on Saturday. Some say the guy had it coming after he suggested Trump might just be hoping for another national catastrophe like the horrific 9/11 event so he could come out of it looking like a hero. The president-elect ripped into this Times columnist during his final stop on the “Trump Thank You” tour Saturday in Mobile, Alabama. Trump was not at all impressed with Paul Krugman’s piece in the New York Times, although he didn’t mention him by name at the rally. The president-elect certainly wasn’t bashful when it came to telling the crowd this guy is “demented” for even conjuring up such a thought.

Paul Krugman tweeted in response to Trump’s fury and he offered up his line of thinking. This is where Krugman gave a comparison on how there was “a cloud of illegitimacy over Bush” when he took office and this was “dispelled (wrongly)” by the 9/11 events. Then he goes on to write how this “Creates some interesting incentives for Trump.” According to Breitbart, the president-elect told the crowd that the New York Times is a failing publication and he pointed out that most people know why, after reading such a thing like this.

Donald Trump Slams 'Demented' Journalist

The Jewish Business Times reports that Krugman has been attacking Trump for some time now and it is “hurting his credibility.” That publication describes Krugman in their article. They write that “The economist by profession turned liberal political pundit continues to blur the line between being an expert commentator and a political being.” Trump and Krugman have been involved in Twitter sparring for a while, so his latest suggestion on Trump using 9/11 as food for thought is not a new battle beginning.

It appears as if this reporter just upped the ante when it comes to how low you are willing to go when attempting to discredit Trump. Krugman has posted social media blurbs such as “So Comey and Putin installed a crazy, vindictive can’t-handle-the-truth person in the White House. Scary.” Real Clear Politics reports that Trump ripped into Krugman for suggesting Trump has an incentive to stage another 9/11-like event.

Trump wasn’t the only one struggling to try and wrap their head around Krugman’s way of thinking. The hosts of Fox and Friends Weekend found this 9/11-like scenario Krugman suggests Trump is hoping for as a bit disturbing. Thousands of people were killed in the 9/11 attacks, and for anyone to suggest that Trump would welcome such an event so people could see him in action during a national crisis is more than ludicrous. It is one thing if you don’t like the president-elect, but to suggest that he is capable of welcoming such mass carnage to come out smelling like a rose is going way too far with the bashing of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Slams 'Demented' Journalist

Fox and Friends Weekend host Pete Hegseth said some people might think the word “demented” used by Trump is harsh, but he also said that it is demented to suggest that anyone would create mass carnage to boost their political popularity. Back in August, Trump himself was referred to as “demented” by an NBC TV executive. He called the then Republican candidate “demented” and “toxic,” according to People Magazine in an archived article. This was over some conflict around Celebrity Apprentice.

Not many came out to say tagging Trump as demented was too harsh at the time. Yet calling Krugman demented is considered inappropriate after he suggests that Trump would welcome another catastrophe? This does seem to offer up evidence that the media does have a way of slanting the news in one direction.

It is not as if Trump didn’t give the New York Times the benefit of the doubt. The president-elect tells the crowd in Alabama how he reached out to them recently. He thought his meeting with the people at the Times went well and he hoped this over-the-top bashing would stop. Trump tells the Alabama gathering how he left the New York Times on a good note. Everyone thought it was a good meeting, then this story appears. This is when he dismisses the Times as a failing entity.

During his “Thank You Tour,” Trump took his shots at the media in general for their twisted stories. He cited the reporting in the headlines on how hundreds of people come out to see Trump speak when there is actually thousands. Trump also poked the media with a stick for not wanting to turn the cameras around to pan the size of the crowds at his rallies.

The president-elect has played a big part in opening up the window for the masses to see just how the media works. While most understood how the media can influence thoughts on topics, Trump showed how they can actually mold a person, place, or thing into whatever they choose with the written and spoken word.

When Trump sees a problem, his attempt to find a solution usually meets with success, which is what the people who know the president-elect have conveyed to the media. He saw a problem with the way the media put their own slant on things and in his case it was to make him look less than appealing to the masses.

His disdain for the media’s attempt to paint him in an unfavorable portrait by twisting his words and creating the false reporting for headlines has led Trump to find a way to stop this. He now by-passes the media altogether. His Twitter account has become the destination for anyone wanting to get the real news on Trump and that includes members of the media.

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