[Hurricane Sandy] 16 Dead And 6 Million Without Power

The Storm of the Century, Hurricane Sandy, barreled into the east coast on Monday. Sixteen people are dead, and more than 6 million are without power as the storm continued to pummel New York and New Jersey. The coastal town of Atlantic City, New Jersey was underwater, and New York City was facing 13 foot storm surge waves.

Sandy has been downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm as winds fell beneath the 85 mile per hour threshold late Monday evening. Subway stations throughout the east coast were submerged with water, and all commuter traffic into New York City has been stopped.

New Jersey resident Cheryl English, whose house had just finished being repaired after taking on seventeen feet of water during Hurricane Irene last year, told The Inquisitr:

“So far two trees have fallen into our house and the damage to our property is extensive. The power lines were severed by a falling tree and we know it could be weeks until the power company can get to us to fix it, but the hardest part is the waiting. We live along the Rahway River, and at any time it could crest and flood out our house like during Hurricane Irene. The waiting is driving me crazy.”

The sixteen deaths were reported from falling trees. The reports of the deaths have come in from New Jersey, New York, Maryland, North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

Hundreds of thousands of people were without power in New York City after reports that the ConEd power station has suffered an explosion from the storm. ConEd Tweeted that no one was hurt in the explosion.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that New York University Hospital had lost power and patients were being moved to other area hospitals.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told residents along the Jersey Shore to evacuate immediately, calling those who didn’t leave both “selfish and stupid.”

President Obama sent a message to east coast residents urging them to listen to their elected officials and to stay safe.

Obama said:

“When they tell you to evacuate, you need to evacuate. Don’t delay, don’t pause, don’t question the instructions that are being given because this is a powerful storm.”

More than one hundred thousand people in New York and New Jersey were under mandatory evacuation. More than 9,000 flights have been cancelled, and Amtrak has suspended all train service to the area.

New York and Philadelphia shut down their subways, buses, and commuter trains Sunday night and announced that schools would be closed on Monday. Boston, Washington, and Baltimore also called off school. In Washington and New Jersey, Metrorail and PATH train services were canceled.

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