Amanda And Josh Give Chris Harrison Relationship Update On ABC ‘Bachelor’ Special: ‘Josh Is Moving Back To Atlanta’ [Report]

The rumors about Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray’s relationship status are about to come to an end. The couple, who got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise last summer, will appear on an upcoming ABC TV special and talk with host Chris Harrison about their future plans.

Amanda and Josh will be one of seven couples from the franchise who will give Chris a relationship update on The Bachelor: Countdown to Nick special that airs January 1, just one day before Nick Viall’s season of the Bachelor premieres on ABC.

It won’t come as a big surprise if Amanda reveals that she is no longer engaged to Josh — aside from Reality Steve stating that he is certain they have split, the couple has been sending out some rather strong hints on social media that they’ve split.

No more cute couple pics on Instagram, no appearances together on Snapchat, and Josh’s recent Twitter post (below) that hints that he’s going to miss his time with Amanda’s girls, Kinsley and Charlie. And Josh has also removed California from his Twitter bio — something he had added when he moved in with Amanda after their Paradise engagement.

“As you can see by the changing of his Twitter profile account tonight & that picture,” Reality Steve tweeted. “You can expect an ‘official’ announcement from them any day now. Josh is moving back to Atlanta tomorrow.”

Why wait to announce the breakup on a TV special? One word — ratings.

According to ABC, Amanda and Josh will be joined by another newly-engaged Bachelor in Paradise couples Carly Waddell and Evan Bass on the January 1 Countdown to Nick special. The couples will reportedly “offer updates on their lives after their love stories played out very publicly in front of millions of viewers.”

Three couples got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise last summer, but one of the couples, Grant Kemp and Lace Morris, already issued a breakup statement last month. However, Amanda and Josh seem to be dragging out their breakup by not publicly acknowledging that they are no longer engaged — perhaps because producers know that a breakup that plays out on a Bachelor special is far better for network ratings than if the couple were to release a joint statement to the gossip magazines.

Reality Steve states that he stands by his sources and that it’s only “a matter of time” before the official announcement is made. And now it appears that their relationship update will be made on the Bachelor: Countdown to Nick special on New Year’s Day.

“I stand by what my sources said,” Steve wrote in a recent blog post.

“I do not care what Josh posts on IG, I do not care what any of HIS family is saying, and I do not care what the rabid, crazy Jamanda fans think. I was given information that they’re broken up and that it’s only a matter of time before they make an official announcement. Hell, they might wait through the holidays. I don’t know.”

The last time Amanda and Josh were spotted out together was when they were in L.A. earlier this month for the KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball and Becca Tilley’s YouTube channel launch. At that time, Josh told Entertainment Tonight that they were excited about Christmas and that they “love each other” and are “having a good time” with Amanda’s children.

Just a few days after they attended the Jingle Ball, the rumors started buzzing online that they had broken up, with Reality Steve revealing that, according to his sources, Josh was living in a hotel.

Once the breakup report surfaced, Josh did his best to convince fans that they were still “happy, happy, happy” and posted a photo of himself with Amanda that was taken at the Jingle Ball.


Since then, they have not appeared in any photos together, although Josh could be heard talking during a Snapchat video taken at a holiday event the couple attended with Amanda’s daughters on Friday night.

Both Amanda and Josh have also hinted on Twitter that they have split, but it appears that the formal breakup statement won’t come until the Bachelor: Countdown to Nick special airs on ABC.

Are you convinced that Josh and Amanda have broken off their engagement or do you think they will announce wedding plans when they sit down with Chris Harrison on the Bachelor: Countdown to Nick special?

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