Lower Manhattan Flooded, Gov. Cuomo Confirms Cars Floating Down Streets

As Hurricane Sandy made landfall, Lower Manhattan began to experience flooding in parts with power out in several areas.

Images of Lower Manhattan with rivers in the streets, cars floating away like so much flotsam, have been spotted on Twitter, and it appears that the devastation in New York City is far more wide-ranging than anyone could have predicted.

Twitter is awash in reports about not just Lower Manhattan, but Midtown as well, being covered in flood water ahead of Hurricane Sandy’s landfall, and unconfirmed reports have suggested that fires have been sighted in subway tunnels along with extensive flooding that could knock out Manhattan’s mass transit system for at least a week.

While the extent of the Hurricane Sandy flooding in Lower Manhattan and uptown remains to be fully witnesses (we’re sure more images will flood in over the next 24 hours), it has also been reported that major New York City hospital Bellevue may be struggling with generators and a power outage.

CNN’s Piers Morgan reports that a building on 8th Avenue has collapsed this evening and says:

Mother Jones reported the fires in subway tunnels, tweeting:

Some reports say the National Guard is rescuing people in Lower Manhattan:

Twitpics reveal a darkened skyline in the NYC ghost town as Sandy hits:

And the city’s famed West Village has gone dark as well:

Midtown Manhattan is also experiencing some flooding, and a user tweets:

Reports also confirmed that the Battery Tunnel was completely flooded.