Rainn Wilson: There Will Be No ‘Office’ Spin-off For Dwight

While The Office is facing its final episodes after nine seasons, die hard fans of the series were hopeful that they’d still be able to follow the exploits of Dwight Schrute, played by Rainn Wilson.

Wilson had filmed The Farm, a spin-off from the show that would follow Schrute as he left the literal office for life on Schrute Farms. The Wrap reports show would follow Dwight as he ran the beet farm and a bed and breakfast, but Wilson took to Twitter to inform loyal fans that The Farm isn’t going to happen.

“Farm Update: NBC has passed on moving forward with The Farm TV show,” Wilson tweeted. “Had a blast making the pilot – onwards & upwards!”

The pilot for The Farm will air as an episode of The Office, and NBC has yet to confirm Wilson’s sentiment that the show will not move forward. Still, if the show’s lead actor thinks the project is dead in the water, there’s little reason to doubt. The spin-off was initially announced in January. The Office is NBC’s top rated comedy.


The Hollywood Reporter notes that Wilson was initially excited about the project.

“It could be really cool because It would be on his farm, which would be a bed and breakfast, and it would have a crazy menagerie of characters,” Wilson said of the project in January. “It would be even more far out and weirder than The Office… it’s a good idea.”

The Office, based of a British program of the same name, debuted in 2005 starring Steve Carell, Wilson, John Krasinski, and an ensemble cast. Carell left the show in 2007.