Chris Christie: Not Evacuating Is ‘Both Stupid And Selfish’

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says that the residents who chose to ignore Hurricane Sandy warnings and the mandatory evacuation orders are “both stupid and selfish.”

According to Politico, when Christie was asked if he was worried about thousands of people ignoring his orders for those living in the coastal areas to evacuate, Christie replied by saying that he is “really concerned” about sending out rescue teams into those dangerous areas as the storm picks up.

Christie stated that there are a handful of towns that have not reached the 90 percent evacuation level and that it may be difficult to get people out as conditions worsen.

“They are in harm’s way, and I don’t know if we can get them out,” Christie stated in a noontime press briefing. “These decisions are both stupid and selfish.”

Christie has also said he expects the storm to land around midnight in southern New Jersey. Chrisite also praised both President Barack Obama and Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Craig Fugate for their hard work in preparing for this big storm.

Christie said that his state, which is in the current bull’s eye of the storm, is prepared but that is not a reason for anyone to “be a hero.”

“We want to avoid significant loss of life, but we could have that,” Christie said, before reassuring that: “The adults are taking care of business, so don’t get scared.”

Do you agree with Chris Christie, or do you think that the decision to evacuate or not should be up to the residents?

Here is the video of Chris Christie talking about the ignored evacuation orders.