‘Gotham City Sirens’ Brings Margot Robbie Back As Harley Quinn

People are still talking about Suicide Squad, and one big reason for that is Margot Robbie and her portrayal of Harley Quinn, an experience that has inspired Robbie to pursue future DC Entertainment projects in which she may reprise her antihero character. Gotham City Sirens is one such project, and as rumors surface that Megan Fox is being courted to play another famed DC villain, Poison Ivy, the idea of seeing Margot back on the big screen as Harley Quinn is already enough to incite massive fan interest. Suicide Squad fans will also be delighted to learn that the first film’s director, David Ayer, is also attached to Gotham City Sirens.

Margot Robbie To Return As Harley Quinn In Gotham City Sirens

Margot Robbie, Harley Quinn
Margot Robbie to return as Harley Quinn. Image by Warner Bros.

Overall, Suicide Squad was found to be lacking by many, but virtually every fan agrees that Margot Robbie makes the film worth watching, so, as GQ reports, the Gotham City Sirens spin-off is off to an impressive start with the news that Robbie will be returning as Harley. Although Suicide Squad received mixed reviews among critics, the film made enough that Warner Bros. is eager to also bring in David Ayer on the new film, so there will be familiar faces on and off camera, which means it will have a similar feel to Suicide Squad. Whether that’s good or bad depends on one’s point of view.

While Margot Robbie as Quinn will certainly be a focal point in Gotham City Sirens, the DC Comics spin-off will also provide Warner Bros. with the opportunity to reintroduce Catwoman and Poison Ivy to the movie going public. While neither Catwoman nor Poison Ivy has impressed with their live-action representations in previous DC Entertainment films, Gotham City Sirens has an opportunity to change that, or to drop the ball in the attempt.

The success of Gotham City Sirens depends greatly on the actresses cast to play the prime characters, and the reprisal of Robbie’s Harley Quinn is already promising that the film will be off to a great start. Also encouraging fan interest are rumors that Megan Fox has been cast as Poison Ivy. While Uma Thurman made a remarkable introduction as Poison Ivy in 1997’s Batman & Robin, her performance and the character’s material wasn’t electrifying enough to ensure a theatrical future. Fox may change that, if she can transfer her charismatic appeal from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise to the new DC Entertainment projects.

Will Smith Comments On Margot Robbie’s Return As Harley Quinn

Will Smith, Deadshot
Will Smith hopes to revive Deadshot in 'Gotham City Sirens.' Image by Warner Bros.

Throughout the filming of Suicide Squad, it was revealed that the film’s ensemble cast developed a great repertoire and even David Ayer worked hard at getting the Suicide Squad actors to bond, so it comes as no surprise that Will Smith is stoked about a new DC Entertainment film. As Comicbook reports, Smith was out promoting his own film, Collateral Beauty when the subject of Suicide Squad and Margot Robbie’s future plans with DC was broached.

Smith, who played Deadshot in Suicide Squad, may be as excited as Robbie herself at the news that Harley Quinn will be the focus of the newly planned Gotham City Sirens.

“I’d definitely love to be in it. I love Margot Robbie,” Will Smith said of Gotham City Sirens. “I will do like anything she wants to do.”

Whether or not Will stars alongside Margot in that film, it seems Smith’s foray into the DC universe may not be over. Rumors are also circulating that Warner Bros. is planning a Deadshot standalone film for Smith, so, even without a Gotham City Sirens cameo, Smith may still be reprising his Suicide Squad role.

Gotham City Sirens is scheduled for a 2018 theatrical release.

[Featured Image by Warner Bros.]