December 16, 2016
Blac Chyna Sex Tape: Will Rob Kardashian's Fiance Get Raunchy For A Multi-Million Dollar Payout?

Is a Blac Chyna sex tape on the horizon? A tabloid report claims that Rob Kardashian's fiance has been offered a huge paycheck (think several million) if she is willing to star in her own sex tape that would feature Chyna and possibly several other females. Is that the real reason that the soon-to-be Kardashian has been working extra hard to get her pre-baby body back?

The Hollywood Gossip reported on the Blac Chyna sex tape rumor that seems to have originated with OK! Weekly and apparently, there is an offer on the table for the rising reality star. Given her history as a pretty successful stripper, a sex tape probably isn't out of the question and based on some of her fights with Rob during their reality series, there is probably at least one out there and prime for a big leak.

That's not what we're talking about here, though. This would be a brand new Blac Chyna sex tape and according to the report, it was star several other women whom Chyna would get nasty with in order to get paid. It was said that the size of her paycheck would depend on just how raunchy Blac Chyna was willing to get on camera.

Keep in mind that Blac Chyna is not shy about her past as a stripper and she still poses in next to nothing for magazine shoots and on Instagram. It wouldn't be a stretch if she were willing to get down and dirty, especially if it means a multi-million dollar payout. That doesn't mean she's going to actually make a sex tape, though. For now, it's just an offer on the table.

There is also word that Rob Kardashian would be invited to join in the mostly girl on girl action of a Blac Chyna sex tape but only if he is in shape. Considering that Rob is not in shape and despite many promises to get back on the fitness wagon once his baby Dream got here, he still hasn't made strides to get his body back in shape. That means Rob most likely wouldn't be invited along if Chyna decided to get it on with the cameras rolling. Maybe she can put that sex tape idea on the back burner in case they don't get married over the summer like they are currently planning.

[caption id="attachment_3803834" align="aligncenter" width="467"]blac chyna sex tape 11/19/15 Kristina Shannon, Karissa Shannon and Blac Chyna at GLAM Beverly Hills Salon Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Celebration.(Beverly Hills, CA) [Image by JMA/STAR MAX/IPx][/caption]

Meanwhile, everyone else is imagining what a Blac Chyna sex tape would look like and whether her best friend Amber Rose would be interested in jumping in the fun. Amber is getting paid for an upcoming multi-city tour and that is probably going to net her way more than an appearance in a sex tape with her best friend would.

Earlier this week, the Inquisitr also reported that there were rumors that Kylie Jenner wanted to do a sex tape and might be planning to drop something with her boyfriend Tyga. Of course, it's all still just rumors and so far there is no Kylie or Chyna sex tape but the two seem to be in competition so hard that if one makes a movie, it wouldn't be shocking if the other did too.

Right now, it's obvious that both Chyna and Kylie want to take Kim Kardashian's place as the queen of reality TV. She made her mark with a sex tape and look at how far it got her. If Blac Chyna's marriage to Rob Kardashian goes bust or if his sisters block her ability to cash in on the Angela Renee Kardashian name, maybe she can keep that sex tape idea on hold in order to score a quick paycheck.

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