Jerry Seinfeld’s Relationship With His Daughter, And His ‘Stale’ Act Following His New York Residency

Jerry Seinfeld may be one of the funniest people on television, but in no way does this mean that he thinks fatherhood is a joke, according to E! Online. The 62-year-old Seinfeld actor has revealed whether his 15-year-old daughter is a fan of his famous sitcom.

Jerry Seinfeld hosted the 2016 Fatherhood Lunch for his wife Jessica Seinfeld’s The Good+ Foundation, and the comedian is very proud of his wife, whom he married 17 years ago, for her incredible hard work with the foundation.

During the event at the Palm Tribeca in New York, which was attended by stars such as Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka, Jerry Seinfeld had a few inspirational words to say to all fathers and dads-to-be out there.

Jessica Seinfeld started the foundation in 2001, shortly after their first daughter, Sascha Seinfeld, was born. The organization provides aid to low-income families and also focuses on encouraging fathers to get involved in their kids’ lives.

And it seems that Jerry Seinfeld can’t compliment his wife enough for her significant involvement in the foundation.

“I didn’t do this, this is all her work and dedication, a lot of work to build this. All the fundraising, being on the phone, etc. It’s difficult. I am proud of her.”

Jerry Seinfeld also added that it’s “great” that he is able to get other men to experience the benefits of being fathers thanks to the foundation.

“It’s a great piece of life if you have a kid, it’s the greatest thing in the world.”

But it looks like Jerry Seinfeld, who teaches other men about fatherhood, can’t fully cope with teenagers (who can blame him?), as the Seinfeld star said he has no idea what his 15-year-old daughter, Sascha, is watching “under the covers” on her phone.

However, Jerry Seinfeld knows for a fact that his daughter used to watch Seinfeld before, but he hasn’t seen her watch it lately.

Seinfeld was a hit U.S. sitcom that ran on NBC from 1989 to 1998.

“I can’t tell because she’s under the covers with the phone. So I don’t really know what they’re watching.”

Jerry Seinfeld and his wife also have two sons, aged 11 and 13.

In other news, Jerry Seinfeld recently gave a string of shows in New York, where he has revealed that he has lots of fun, according to the New York Daily News.

Following his New York residency, Seinfeld completed two nights of shows in Chicago last week, which the Chicago Tribune referred to as an “enjoyable but somewhat stale” set delivered in a “familiar high-pitched whine.”

“[The set mostly consists of] bits that he’s been working for years and that he delivers in a vehement staccato with the joy of a bitter philosophy professor teaching Intro to Cynicism.”

The actor, who ended his residency at the Beacon Theatre in New York on December 2, revealed what he loves about New York.

Apparently, the most hilarious thing about New York to Jerry Seinfeld is the street cleaning truck. The actor revealed that during his comedy gigs, he finds it amusing to talk about the truck that thinks it’s cleaning the street.

Jerry Seinfeld, who was born in Brooklyn, says that being in New York also allows him to spend more quality time with his kids. In fact, the actor even makes sure he’ll feel good on his deathbed.

“You have to think, you’re contributing good stories for them [the children] to tell when you’re on your deathbed.”

So that’s the fun part for Jerry Seinfeld, to be able to give his kids funny stories for when they’re older. But staying in New York is not all about the kids, because the actor says he was also excited about attending the Mets’ playoff game.

Even though the Mets lost the game, Jerry Seinfeld knows that baseball is all about winning and losing. However, as long as it’s exciting to watch baseball, it’s “worth it,” the actor thinks.

“It was one tough night, but then the next day it’s over.”

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