December 16, 2016
Jordan Belfort On Electoral College Video: 'Washed-Up Actors,' 'D-Level Celebrities,' 'Misinformed Fools'

Earlier this evening, convicted felon, motivational speaker, and proud bearer of the title "Wolf of Wall Street," Jordan Belfort, took to Facebook, unable to restrain his disgust any longer, with regard to a video uploaded to YouTube two days ago by Unite For America calling on the electors responsible for the Electoral College process to use their power to keep President-elect Donald Trump from assuming the presidency.

In the video, Debra Messing, Martin Sheen, and James Cromwell, among several others, plead with the electors to "vote their conscience" and "select a qualified candidate."

Stating that "he can't remain silent" any longer, the lengthy Jordan Belfort Facebook post started with his labeling of the people who appear in the video as "washed-up" and D-level." He went on to call the celebrities "washed-up" and "D-level" again before stating his view with regard to the group's "absolute audacity to try to persuade the Electoral college to ignore the will of the people and not vote for Trump."

The video begins with Martin Sheen stating that the founding fathers designed the Electoral College to protect the United States "from the dangers of a demagogue." The Electoral College is a process, rather than a physical location, as reported by the U.S. Archives.

The United States is somewhat anomalous globally in the fact that while Hillary Clinton was said to have received more than 2.8 million votes in excess of Donald Trump, as reported by the Independent, he still won the election. Clinton's popular vote lead is said to be the largest of any losing presidential candidate in the history of the nation.

Electoral College video: Jordan Belfort 'I despise you frauds,' 'misinformed fools.'
Martin Sheen speaks on October 19, in New York City. [Image by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for PBS]

A number of electors, described as "faithless," are said to be set to revolt and not back the president-elect. However, their numbers are said to be too few to have an effect on the outcome of the presidency.

"An Electoral College should determine if candidates are qualified, not engaged in demagogy, and independent from foreign influence," Texas Republican Christopher Suprun was quoted. "Mr. Trump shows us again and again that he does not meet these standards."

Donald Trump has suggested that he would have won the popular vote, in addition to the election, had "millions" of illegal votes not been cast.

Belfort's Facebook communique continued with the "Wolf of Wall Street" calling the celebrities in the video "amoral idiots" and professing a belief that "no one gives two s****" with regard to their beliefs.

"You morons! Halfwits! Self righteous f***wits! Stone cold idiots!," Jordan Belfort continued.

Jordan Belfort on Electoral College video: 'I despise you frauds,' 'misinformed fools.
Jordan Belfort attends the premiere of 'The Wolf Of Wall Street,' in 2013. [Image by Rob Kim/Getty Images]

The Facebook post continued with the motivational speaker speaking of a civil war if the Electoral College somehow wound up not confirming "the will of the people." He begged the celebrities to not attempt to respond to his post with any "freedom of speech bull****" and compared the actions of Sheen, Cromwell, Messing, and company to someone yelling "fire" in a crowded theater.

The former penny stock rip-off artist, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, who bilked investors of close to $200 million, and is charging $330 to $1,400 for tickets to a motivational-speaking event in Mexico in January 2017, as reported by TicketMaster, explained that the many typos in the Facebook post would remain for posterity and that "if you can't figure out what I wrote then you don't deserve to read it."

Showing his gentler side, Jordan Belfort pointed out that he sees himself as a social liberal and fiscal conservative. He stated that he sympathizes with the plight of the LGBT community, anti-racism groups, and pro-choice groups, but reiterated his fears with regard to "civil war" if Donald Trump's election win is not respected.

"Just cut the s*** already," the Belfort missive ended, "because you're playing with fire right now."

[Featured Image by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images]