December 16, 2016
Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps Shares His Awesome Wedding Video

Michael Phelps and his wife Nicole are sharing their wedding video with the world, and it's not just any wedding video, but one that seems to put all other wedding videos to shame. One could say that it is a "gold medal-winning wedding video." Brides magazine was the first to get a hold of the video that was a Hollywood production of the wedding of Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson, back in October. The wedding was set in Cabo, and the video shows the prep as well as the ceremony.

Even though the ceremony took place in October, word is that Phelps and Johnson actually made it legal before the Olympics in Rio. Now that the games are in the rear view mirror, Phelps says that now is Boomer time, referring to his infant son with Johnson, says the Inquisitr. The world got its first real look at Boomer Phelps at the Rio Olympics, in the Baby Bjorn with his mom, wearing headphones in the stands, or getting a kiss from his dad after a medal ceremony. But now that the family is back in the States, Boomer is the focus, and Phelps is spending all of his time at Boomer's side, even taking him into the pool for his first swim lesson.

Michael and Nicole Phelps are now giving serious #weddinggoals to couples everywhere, says Entertainment Tonight. In comparison to their first ceremony that took place just before the Olympics back in June in the backyard of their Arizona home, the Cabo San Lucas second ceremony was epic. The first wedding had five guests, and the second, 50.


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As the video shows, there is no comparison necessary between a backyard cookout wedding and an event wedding with their closest friends in paradise, according to Nicole.

"We pretty much got married in sweats and jams. When we talk about our wedding, we mean our Cabo wedding in October with our parents, our siblings, our bridal party, and a few people who played an integral part of our relationship while we were together."
But even though the couple was already married when it came to the wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Michael Phelps admits that he was still nervous.
"I made the joke to a friend of mine, 'Well, there's no turning back now,' and he was like, 'Nope, you're stuck, bro!' But a lot of my friends are really big smart a**es, and we enjoy laughing and having fun. [But there was] also a little bit of tears of happiness as well -- [that after] everything we've been through, we're finally at that point where we can make promises to each other."
Michael Phelps, 31, from Baltimore, dated Nicole Johnson, 2010's Miss California, for eight years on and off before getting pregnant with their first child, Boomer, and deciding to tie the knot. With the way everything was planned, Boomer got to be the ring bearer. Nicole explained that Boomer was decked out in Burberry, and they made it work for Boomer to be part of the ceremony.
"We put [the ring] in one of those little net bags that you have for jewelry. We got one that matched his [Burberry] outfit, and we put that around his wrist, and he was carried down the aisle by [friend and gold medal swimmer] Allison [Schmitt], our roommate. I think he kind of sucked on the bag a little bit while he was standing up there!"
Michael says that other than wanting input on the food, everything else was under Nicole's control. He explains that other than that, and being asked for his opinion here and there, everything else was all Nicole.

What do you think of the wedding video of Michael Phelps and his wife Nicole?

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