December 16, 2016
'Stevie J' Finds Out If He's The Father Of Joseline Hernandez's Baby Today [Video]

Joseline Hernandez and "Stevie J" are having a baby, as reported by the Inquisitr. The name Bonnie Bella Jordan went viral when the baby's name was used as a hashtag in an Instagram video showing a very pregnant Joseline, appearing reconciled and happy with Stevie as she cooked in the kitchen. However, that Instagram video was soon deleted -- but copies of the video still went viral. Now another video is going viral, with Stevie having given the following interview to "The Breakfast Club" about Joseline, and whether or not Bonnie Bella is indeed his biological child or not.

Uploaded to YouTube on December 15, the video -- which is titled "Stevie J. Talks Dating Faith Evans, His Baby on the Way, Young Dro, and His New Show Leave It To Stevie" -- is currently No. 7 on YouTube's trending list of videos. That's because Stevie spilled the beans about turning Faith Evans into a sex partner after having her as a friend for so many years. The radio station's crew teased Stevie about dating Biggie Small's widow. Stevie also spoke about a non-existent beef with Young Dro, with the crew playing clips of what Young Dro had to say about not knowing Stevie.

The Leave It To Stevie show was also discussed with the Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM crew in the video, which has grown to nearly 330,000 views in about 24 hours. Perhaps it's because Stevie seems so honest on the radio show, detailing how Joseline allegedly engaged in a fight with Stevie when she was still nine-months pregnant because she assumed Stevie was messing around on her with Tommie, based on the reports given to Joseline from her brother, according to Stevie.

Joseline's baby girl, named Bonnie, as reported by VH1, is another topic that was covered during Stevie's interview. According to Stevie, the results of a DNA test to determine if Stevie is the biological father of Joseline's baby Bonnie would be learned on Friday, December 16. Since Stevie gave the interview on Thursday, December 15, the radio crew joked that Stevie should come back on Friday.

Instead, Stevie said he would reveal the results on his own Leave It To Stevie show.

Joseline baby
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Meanwhile, Stevie also spoke of his former relationship with the rapper Eve -- as well as his ongoing friendship with Mimi Faust, the mother of his daughter, Eva. However, Stevie -- the star of the upcoming VH1 show named Leave It To Stevie -- spoke mostly about just how much his relationship with Hernandez changed his life.

Stevie spoke of how much Joseline hurt him by claiming Stevie sexually abuses his own daughter -- false accusations, according to Stevie, that caused investigations to be launched against Stevie and Mimi. Stevie also spilled the beans about his threesome with Faust and Joseline before their love triangle played out on reality TV, with Stevie insinuating that some of the storylines were contrived.

Joseline baby
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Teresa Guzman: "Joseline really F***** herself!!! DAMN! I don't see her really making it without Stevie. After her baby delivery special she's just going to fade back into the background making Instagram posts. She definitely doesn't have the talent."

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