Tomi Lahren Slams Donald Trump: 'Get Off Twitter' And 'Go To A Security Meeting'

Zachary Volkert

Tomi Lahren and Donald Trump have both been hailed as leaders of a new conservative movement where political discourse has moved from broadcast networks to Facebook and Twitter. Both also became two of the left's biggest targets of disdain during the 2016 presidential elections.

While Tomi consistently defended Donald during his campaign, it appears, as promised, she won't be "his cheerleader" even through his blunders as president. Earlier this week, Lahren dedicated a segment of her show on The Blaze to criticizing Donald's continued use of Twitter even as his presidential duties pile up.

"I told you I wasn't going to be a [Donald] minion. I gave you my word I would hold Trump's feet to the fire and use my platform for truth, not just partisanship and I keep my promises. So, future president Trump, this message is for you. Please, for the love of god, learn, get off Twitter and learn. Take a break from your chest-beating victory tour and go to a security briefing... It's not enough just to be better than Hillary anymore."

Along with several other conservative media personalities, Tomi also had sharp words for Donald on his public battle with the C.I.A., something Trump has also taken to Twitter to air his views on. Lahren argued that his energy would be best spent elsewhere.

"Don't go to war with the CIA, its not helping matters. I promise you, it's not."

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 15, 2016

"I hear there's a coalition of liberal groups to steal electors... which would be a slap in the face to millions of Americans who voted for Donald... At some point, it's time to move on! For crying out loud, I expect this from the Democrats and the Green Party... but why are we cannibalizing our own once again? Trump is going to be our 45th president."

Tomi Lahren became a bona fide star of the right wing this year, even being invited on Late Night with Trevor Noah -- the torch bearer of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Millions of viewers tuned in to watch her debate protest and, specifically, the Black Lives Matter movement, but it was her final comments on how she will continue to "say what needs to be said" even during Donald's presidency that are most relevant to her criticism of the president-elect's Twitter activity.

"I will be a vocal opponent if he doesn't [fulfill his promises]. I'm not someday that gets on the cheerleading bandwagon. If he does something I disagrees with, I will discuss it. I did before I was a Trump supporter, I was critical of Trump. I was a Marco Rubio girl for a long time. Then I started to see that... It's either him or Hillary. A lot of Americans were in that position."

Through appearances on major programs like The Daily Show and her own program going viral, Tomi has become something of lightning rod for the left. Her relatively progressive stances on topics like abortion and gay marriage give her conservative ideals a Millenial-ized freshness. Still, while Lahren denounces movements like the alt-right and the KKK, some say that giving her airtime enables these movements. Shortly after her appearance on Trevor Noah's program, The New York Times interviewed Morehouse College journalism professor David Dennis, Jr., who said that the young pundit was dangerous no matter how modern her packaging was.

"People talked about [her appearance on The Daily Show] as if they were exchanging ideas and talking about beliefs — like they were debating sports. [Her words] are literally life-threatening to black people... [When she talks about Black Lives Matter shooting the police] people hear that and they believe that, and they see me as a threat."

Do you think Tomi Lahren will be mining Donald Trump's Twitter for future segments of her show?

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