December 16, 2016
Four More Restaurants To Serve Alcohol In Magic Kingdom At Walt Disney World Very Soon

A few years ago, the first dining location to ever serve alcohol inside the surroundings of Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World opened. Be Our Guest Restaurant has now successfully, and safely, sold alcoholic drinks at meals since 2012. With that experiment proving to work, Disney is also going to be adding beer, wine, and champagne to four other table-service locations for guests to enjoy.

Beginning in just a week, four more table-service locations inside the Magic Kingdom will begin serving wine and beer, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

  • Liberty Tree Tavern
  • Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen
  • Tony's Town Square Restaurant
  • Cinderella's Royal Table
These four locations will begin serving alcoholic beverages beginning on December 23, 2016. The drinks will be served daily, but they will only be available during lunch and dinner. No alcohol will be available during breakfast meals.

December 23 is the day they are scheduled to begin serving, but it could end up happening earlier.

walt disney world magic kingdom restaurants serve wine beer alcohol
[Image by Danny Cox]

Skipper Canteen, Liberty Tree Tavern, and Tony's Town Square will begin offering different beer and wine options right before Christmas Day. Cinderella's Royal Table will also have champagne and sparkling wine options for guests to choose from.

Beer and wine are only going to be sold inside the five table-service restaurants at the Magic Kingdom. There will be no standalone or separate bars, and guests cannot walk around the parks with their drinks.

Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom all serve alcohol at multiple locations and have for a long time now. However, the Magic Kingdom was always the hold-out, but that changed once the huge expansion to the park was built.

As many may know, this is not a breakthrough of any kind, as Be Our Guest Restaurant in Fantasyland began serving alcohol when it opened in 2012. Time pointed out that it was the first time ever a Magic Kingdom restaurant had served alcohol since it opened even though drinks are available at locations in the other three theme parks.

walt disney world magic kingdom restaurants serve wine beer alcohol
[Image by Disney]

Checking out the official menu for Be Our Guest Restaurant, there is a wide assortment of sparkling, white, red, and dessert wines for guests to choose from for dinner. There are also six different beer options if someone would prefer something a little different.

Many have often worried that there would be a problem with public drunkenness if alcohol was offered at the Magic Kingdom. After proving that alcohol can be served and consumed responsibly at Epcot and the other Walt Disney World theme parks, those fears have been squashed.

Other theme park locations, such as Universal Studios and SeaWorld, sell alcoholic drinks and have done so for years now.

Each of the four new locations serving alcohol at the Magic Kingdom will have options which are unique to the themes of each menu.

  • Liberty Tree Tavern - Beer, cider, domestic wines
  • Skipper Canteen - Drinks and beers from around the world
  • Tony's Town Square - Italian beers and wines
  • Cinderella's Royal Table - Sparkling wine and Champagne
Now, there is a little something for everyone at Magic Kingdom, and the hope is that this will help fulfill the requests of many guests.

Some may not agree with alcohol being served in the Magic Kingdom, but it has been done for more than four years now at Be Our Guest. Adding it to these four other dining locations is not something that breaks a barrier, as it was already broken. This is a request that numerous guests have made over the years, and Walt Disney World has realized that it is something its consumers want. If there ends up being a problem, it can just as easily be taken away.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]