December 16, 2016
David Parnes’ Brother Michael Breaks His Silence About His Devastating Brain Tumor

David Parnes announced this year that his brother had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. While filming the first couple of episodes of Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, David found himself being torn between working and thinking about his brother. While David was living and working in Los Angeles with friend James Harris, he couldn't stop thinking about his brother Michael Parnes, who was back in England. Parnes opened up about his brother's struggle on Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles but ended up going to England for a few days to be by his brother's side.

According to a new Bravo report, David Parnes' brother is now sharing his own story with the brain tumor. Parnes previously revealed what it was like to learn about his brother's health, and he shared that it was devastating news. He really wanted to help his brother with his health, but he realized that there was nothing he could do about it. Now, Bravo has reached out to Michael himself to ask him about his health, as he was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the beginning of 2016.

"It's been quite an adventure so far, anyway," David's brother Michael revealed to the Daily Dish about his journey with his brain tumor.

David Parnes revealed that his brother wasn't feeling well earlier this year, and his family thought he was depressed. He was convinced that his brother was struggling, and they encouraged him to go to a therapist. But when that didn't help, they explored other health-related solutions, and an MRI revealed that his brain had essentially collapsed on one side.

"Long story short, probably over the last couple of years I found it very difficult to make my mind up — it sounds silly; it was really frustrating," Michael has explained about his health journey, explaining, "Just before New Year last year I felt very, very tired the whole time. I found myself being a bit comatose and I got a little bit unhealthy with my lifestyle and that felt odd. Thinking back, I must have been so ill that I couldn't work out that this is dangerous and I should go to my doctor."

And Michael reveals that he didn't see what he wanted to see on the MRI. While most people would expect to see a full brain on the scan, but Michael reveals that it was shocking to see the scan results.

"I would hope your brain and everyone we know and love has a brain that is straight when we look at it," David Parnes explained to Bravo, adding, "My one had collapsed on the lefthand side."

Even though Michael and David live oceans apart, David Parnes has been a huge support system for his brother. In fact, he has been flying back and forth to be there for him.

"My brother has been incredible. My sisters, of which I have two, and my mom and dad and my step mom have been incredible support," he said. "They always turn up, hang out with me, bring me some food — just basic stuff. And my friends have been incredible as well. I can't tell you the support I've had. It helps to have friends and family."

And it sounds like things are going well for Parnes, as he is doing much better these days. He even admits that he has experienced a life change and an attitude adjustment. These days, he still has a journey ahead of him, but he's ready for the recovery ahead.

What do you think of David Parnes' brother and his struggles with his brain tumor?

[Featured Image by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images]