March 21, 2017
Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Could Tony Romo Be Traded To The Carolina Panthers?

The Dallas Cowboys have not made a lot of moves during the offseason, but they have done a few things to help improve upon last year's great season. Still, there is one big move they have not made, and it is anything having to do with quarterback Tony Romo. Talk of his release from the team and rumors of a trade to the Denver Broncos or Houston Texans have swirled, but nothing has happened, and now, the Carolina Panthers have been brought into the conversation.

A few weeks ago, it was being reported by numerous media outlets that Tony Romo was guaranteed to be released by the Dallas Cowboys on a Thursday. Well, that day came and went, and so have a couple more weeks, and Romo is still on the Dallas roster.

With his release not happening, free agency is continuing to move ahead, and teams are making the moves they need to make for the 2017 season. As time moves on, it seems more and more likely that a trade will happen instead of his release, with the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos still the most likely destinations.

As it gets later, though, other teams may emerge, and it looks as if the Carolina Panthers are rumored to have joined the chase as well.

dallas cowboys rumors tony romo trade carolina panthers broncos texans
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According to the Gospel Herald, the Carolina Panthers are now possibly looking at making a trade for Tony Romo after a very disappointing season coming off their previous appearance in the Super Bowl. After last year's awful run, some fans have turned on Cam Newton and believe he is one of the biggest problems in the franchise.

Rumor has it that the Panthers could try to pull off the trade for Romo, which would bring him into Carolina as a mentor for Cam Newton and a veteran leader in the locker room. His positive attitude and overall way of uniting his teammates could truly benefit the Panthers in 2017.

Adding a little bit of credibility to the possibility of this rumor is that is now reporting Cam Newton will need surgery on his throwing shoulder. Surgery is set to take place on March 30 to repair a partially torn rotator cuff suffered last season, but he is expected to be ready for the start of training camp.

While a trade to the Panthers may be a bit out of reach, it isn't totally out of the realm of NFL possibilities. A lot would need to be done and take place for this kind of trade to happen, but at this point with the Cowboys, anything seems to be open to coming about.

Still, Fox Sports broke down which team is a better fit for Romo out of the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans, but he may not be traded at all. So many media outlets keep saying that the Cowboys "are sure to cut ties" with Romo, but if that is the case, why hasn't it happened already?

dallas cowboys rumors tony romo trade carolina panthers broncos texans
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Sporting News is reporting that the Cowboys are now reaching a pivotal time in the handling of their veteran quarterback and what should be done with him. It's true that Jerry Jones does not want to just give up Romo without any sort of compensation, and that is why he hasn't been released yet as Jones is hopeful a trade can be worked out.

The problem is that the longer they hold onto him, the fewer places there are for the QB to land, and it is getting to be quite unfair to him. NFL league meetings are set to take place early next week, and it is quite possible that a move of some kind could finally happen at that point.

Tony Romo still being a member of the Dallas Cowboys at this point in the offseason is something that no one really expected. NFL free agency is a few weeks old and moves are being made by teams to where they will soon be out of salary cap space. If that happens, Romo could find himself without a home in 2017 unless the Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, or Carolina Panthers can find a way to work out a trade with Jerry Jones.

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