Man In Horse Mask Runs Through Hurricane Sandy News Coverage [Video]

With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the east coast most people are bunkering down in their homes to ride out the storm. One man, however, decided that it was the perfect time to put on his horse mask and go for a nice jog.

And why not? The streets are nearly empty and the news cameras are rolling. It’s the perfect time to become an internet star. And according toYahoo, the man chose the perfect mask for the job.

Know Your Meme writes:

“The Horse Head Mask, made from soft vinyl and latex, has become a symbol for anonymity (like the Guy Fawkes mask) and humor over the internet, most commonly in Japan.”

But the man in the horse mask didn’t stay anonymous for long. According to the DCist, the man underneath the mask is Jimmy Kruyne.

Kruyne told the DCist that he wanted to make people smile a little before the storm hit.

Kruyne said:


“Little spontaneous jogging hopefully put a smile on people’s face before this awful storm.”

Here’s the video of the man in the horse mask running through some Hurricane Sandy news coverage.

Well, did Kruyne accomplish his goal? Did the man in the horse mask put a smile on your face?