December 16, 2016
'Dance Moms' Cancelled: Kendall Vertes Wants To Replace Maddie Ziegler As ALDC Leader, Abby Lee Miller Heads To Prison?

Dance Moms is allegedly about to get cancelled after Season 7, ahead of Abby Lee Miller's sentencing for her fraud charges, scheduled January 20, 2017. With the ALDC coach possibly spending up to five years in prison, who will be there to guide Kalani Hilliker, Kendall Vertes, Nia Frazier, Brynn Rumfallo, and the rest of the junior elite team?

In an interview with Radar Online, Ashlee Allen, Bryn Rumfallo's mom, revealed that Dance Moms getting cancelled after Season 7 has yet to be confirmed. She claimed that none of her co-stars knew what's going to happen next.

"There has not been a definite cancellation. They're waiting on a few things and deciding how and what they're going to do. No one knows."
Ashlee revealed that Abby was quite unhappy when the sentencing was pushed back to January, saying that the ALDC coach just wanted to get the hearing over with.

"I think it's unfortunate that they pushed it back so long. She's ready to know and I think it'll be good for her when she knows. We're just waiting," she shared.

In a cryptic Instagram post, Abby Lee Miller hinted that she's leaving Dance Moms after Season 7. Sharing a video of the junior elite team winning first place at nationals, Abby thanked the girls for all the "wonderful opportunities" and "valuable lessons" she learned while doing Dance Moms.

"Incredible job girls! 5 years of my life, seven seasons on TV in 130 Countries - I did my best for Lifetime and gave my all to the production of Dance Moms! Thank you for the many wonderful opportunities and the valuable lessons I learned," she captioned the video.

Filming for Dance Moms Season 7 wrapped up early this week. While junior elite team members Kalani Hilliker, Kendall Vertes, Nia Frazier, and Brynn Rumfallo remained mum about the rumored cancellation, choreographer Gianna Martello hinted that the show is about to end. Gianna also shared the group dance on Instagram, with the hashtag #thatsawrap and #istherestillhope, causing fans to wonder if Dance Moms is truly about to get canceled.

It will definitely be a shame if Dance Moms is coming to an end especially after the girls finally got their groove back on, as seen in the last episode, "Return of the Rotten Apples." The junior elite won first overall again, beating Cathy Nesbitt-Stein's Candy Apples for the second week in a row.

The moms were especially thrilled that Abby decided to bench the minis again this week. With the minis gone, Kalani, Kendall, Nia, and Brynn will have Abby's full attention. They also believed that the addition of two new dancers, Camryn and Daviana, made ALDC stronger than before.

"The fact that the minis aren't here, these teenagers can do really creative stuff. We don't need those minis. We need mature themes, mature dancing. The sky is the limit with this group. I really hope Abby sees it," Jill Vertes said.

In that episode, Abby also gave Kendall Vertes a solo, which she described as a "Maddie Ziegler solo." The coach claimed that if Kendall fails to win first place, there will be no solos in her future. She pointed out that Kendall has been winning first prize for duets with Maddie, Brynn Rumfallo, and Kalani Hilliker, but this time around she needed to prove that she can be first by herself.

Kendall K seemed to be more than happy to take on the challenge. The Dance Moms star even hoped that if she ended up winning, she could be the next leader of the ALDC junior elite team.

"Abby has ben telling me it's a Maddie solo but you know Maddie just has something about her that made this team even better and she was the leader of the team. But maybe if I do well, I could be the leader. That's always something I wanted to do."
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