Former West Virginia Sherriff’s Deputy Brutalizes Wife For 13 Hours

A former sheriff's deputy has been arrested for brutalizing his wife for 13 hours, the Daily Mail is reporting. Kevin Woodrum served as deputy with the Boone County Sheriff's Office in West Virginia for two years and six months. He resigned in 2004, to take up an offer in the coal industry.

Pictures on Facebook suggested that the couple who have two children were happy in their marriage. The images show the couple attending their son's football games, cuddling their young daughter, and dressing up in happy costumes for Halloween.

However, relatives of the woman say in reality, things were much darker. Her brother, who refused to be identified, confirmed that his sister had been a victim of domestic abuse for many years, but that it had never been as serious as the present incident.

Kevin Woodrum, was arrested by police Monday, after assaulting and beating up his wife. The 43-year-old was charged with kidnapping, strangulation, malicious wounding, sexual assault, domestic assault, and domestic battery. According to a criminal complaint lodged, the ex-sheriff's deputy burned his wife with a lighter, cut off chunks of her hair with a scissors, tried to waterboard her by pouring water on her face from a large cup, and then sexually assaulted her.

Troopers had arrived at Woodrum's residence in West Virginia Saturday, but the 43-year-old had not allowed them enter his home because they did not have a warrant. He also insisted that his wife was asleep and did not want to be disturbed. However, the officers were able to talk to the victim and noticed that she had bruises and facial swellings.

According to the complaint, the suspect's wife whose identity has not been revealed confirmed that she had been tortured for over 13 hours. In her story, she revealed that her husband lost his temper 30 minutes before midnight Friday and tied her to a bed. She said her husband then reportedly slapped her, burnt her several times and choked her until she lost consciousness. The anonymous woman made known that her husband threatened to kill her multiple times.

Woodrum is presently being held at Southwestern Regional Jail.

There is bail condition at the moment.

This is not the first time that a woman would be subjected to a horrific abuse. According to the Inquisitr, Judy Malinowski was set ablaze by her 41-year-old boyfriend after a heated argument. The incident took place at an Ohio gas station last year. The ex-boyfriend, Michael Slager alleged he was trying to light a cigarette for his fiancé before she was engulfed in flames.

Despite claims by his legal team, that the 41-year-old had tried to save the mother-of-two and injured himself in the process, Judge Judy Lynch shot down the version of events, pointing out that Slager's criminal history showed him truly for what he is.

"I've seen your record. I know you have a history of domestic violence. You have a history of menacing. You've done all these things that show what a despicable individual you are. There's nothing to say to a person like you. You really do seem like one of those people who have no soul."
The presiding judge sentenced him to 11 years in prison, just as Malinowski was penciled down for her 52nd surgery. The vicious attack left the mother-of-two with 80 percent burns. She lost two fingers, two ears, and breathes with the aid of a ventilator. The 33-year-old woman cannot walk and still has gaping wounds on her back and buttocks because they cannot be skin-grafted.

Malinowski, who finds it difficult to even talk because her trachea suffered extensive damage in the fire, said her ex-boyfriend got off easy because he cut a no-contest plea deal and his lawyers stopped her from entering her testimony. Judy, a cancer survivor is trying to push a law that would see aggravated arson punished with stiffer sentences.

Doctors do not expect her to survive her injuries long-term.

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