FEMA: Avoid Wireless Use, Use Text Messaging and Social Networks

The Federal Emergency Management Agency took to Twitter to give people advice about staying in touch with loved ones during Hurricane Sandy. The Agency said that they are encouraging people to stay off of their cell phones to ease network congestion. They say that people should use texting and social network connections to keep connected.

Hurricane Sandy is barreling towards the eastern seaboard with hurricane force winds and covering an area of more than 900 miles across. The storm is expected to drop more than a foot of rain in some places, produce 11 foot storm surges, and knock out power from Ohio to Maine. Ground Zero for the storm is the New York City area and New Jersey.

The press has dubbed the storm “Frankenstorm.” Hurricane Sandy is expected to merge with a huge storm barreling east from the Great Lakes and to join with a cold front headed down from Canada. When the systems merge at the Jersey Shore, it is expected the storm will be one of the worst to hit the area in more than 100 years.

FEMA is telling everyone to be considerate of others and minimize their use of their cellphones. With widespread power outages expected, cell towers will be down and relay stations will be stretched to the max with emergency calls.


FEMA tweeted to its followers about the storm and cell phone usage:

Phone lines may be congested during/after . Let loved ones know you’re OK by sending a text or updating your social networks.

The Internet has banded together and published a number of resources to help manage communication and disaster relief.