October 17, 2017
Melania Trump Miserable In Marriage Rumors Continue With Rosie O'Donnell Retweet

Rumors about Melania Trump being "miserable" in her marriage continue with the help of Rosie O'Donnell retweeting a photo of the first lady looking serious while sitting next to her husband at a prayer after the inauguration in January. On Tuesday, Rosie not only retweeted the image, she participated in the conversation.

It wasn't long ago that Rosie went too far in retweeting a video about the couple's son, Barron Trump, and spreading unfounded rumors about him. She's back at it again, but this time she's adding fuel to the fire about Melania Trump being unhappy in her marriage.

"#TheNewsIn4Words Unhappily married to Don," a Twitter user captioned the image.

Rosie O'Donnell not only retweeted the photo to her 1.03 million followers, but chimed in on the conversation.

"She looks miserable," someone wrote.

"Yes - and I find it so sad - truly - and his kids - i keep thinking of the madoff saga," Rosie replied.

The comedienne not only speculated about Melania Trump being miserable with her husband, but she brought up his kids as well.

Rumors about Melania Trump being miserable in her marriage aren't going away. Rosie O'Donnell has always been a thorn in President Trump's side and makes her feelings known about him on social media. She posts anti-Trump material and expresses her outrage daily at his policies as well as those of is cabinet members.

Sometimes O'Donnell can get overly personal and got a reaction from Melania Trump's attorney, Charles Harder, after she retweeted a YouTube video about autism and implied Barron was on the spectrum. Harder ordered the individual responsible for the YouTube video to remove it and issue a public apology to avoid legal consequences. Rosie wasn't targeted in the ultimatum, but the attorney said she made the rumors worse by supporting them.

Rosie issued a heartfelt apology to Melania Trump on Twitter upon hearing how the video impacted her as a parent.

"I apologize to @MELANIATRUMP - i was insensitive in my RT - i am sorry for the pain i caused - it was not my intent - i am truly sorry."
Sources told TMZ at the time that Melania was "indignant" at Rosie O'Donnell for doing what she believed was a "mean-spirited act."

Immediately following the O'Donnell's apology, she set her Twitter page to private. A few weeks later, she made it public again so followers could see her disdain for President Trump. The two have been feuding for several years, but the president hasn't paid much mind to Rosie since he started running for office. He brought her up in the first Republican debate when former Fox News journalist, Megyn Kelly, asked him a pointed question about his treatment of women. When Kelly went down a list of derogatory names he's called women, Trump said only in the case of Rosie O'Donnell.

When it comes to the Trumps' marriage, rumors persist in the headlines that it's an unhappy one. It's unknown if Melania Trump is in a bad marriage, but a source told Us Weekly in February that she's "miserable" as first lady.

"Melania is unhappy with how her life ended up," a family source alleged. "She is miserable."

The insider revealed that Melania is living her husband's dream and is suffering through it.

"Don't let her smile in those photos fool you," the source claimed. "She hates this."

Another source said to be close with Melania denied the source's claims by saying that "she is very happy with her life and supporting her husband and family."

Will Rosie be called out for weighing on the Trump's marriage? Do you agree with her assumption that Melania Trump is miserable being married to the President of the United States?

[Featured Image by John Angelillo/Getty Images]