Breast Cancer: Texas Teen Sent Home For ‘Going Overboard’ With Pink Day Outfit

A Texas teenager whose mother died of breast cancer was sent home from school for “going overboard” with an awareness costume on Pink Day. Dustin Drake was reportedly told to leave the school when the costume he wore to honor his mother was allegedly deemed inappropriate for school.

The 17-year-old student wore a bright pink wig, pink shirt, pink tutu, pink glasses, pink knee-socks, and pink shoes with a Susan B. Komen label. Drake’s mother lost her battle with breast cancer last year. His head-to-toe pink ensemble was reportedly worn to illustrate how close the issue of awareness is to his heart, according to The Blaze.

CBS11 News reports that school administrators objected to the Pink Day outfit, pulled the young man out of class, and then called his father. The teenager’s mother died three days before Pink Day last year. He wore the same outfit to cheer her up before the disease took her from his life.

Ben Drake, Dustin’s dad, had this to say about his son being sent home from school:

“My reaction was a little of disgust toward the school district that they would have a Pink Out and then send people home that were above their standard. To me, it’s probably the last thing she saw. Battling cancer is all a mind game. You have to stay strong in your head to be strong in your body.”

Red Oak High School has remained firm in their opinion that Drake went too far when wearing the outfit to school on Pink Day. A statement from the school reads:

“Students and staff were given the option to elect to wear jeans and a pink t-shirt.”

School officials were aware that Drake’s mother died of breast cancer. They also noted that he was not the only student punished for a “garment violation” and that parents were permitted to bring “approved” clothing for their children.