Marijuana Legalization: Marine Claims Pot Helped His PTSD In Amendment 64 Ad

Corporal Sean Azzariti makes an emotional pitch for marijuana legalization in a video advertisement for Colorado’s Amendment 64. The Marine maintains that cannabis helped him get through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) anxiety.

The Colorado ballot issue seeks to decriminalize recreational use of marijuana. If passed, Amendment 64 would regulate pot like alcohol and reportedly increase tax revenue in the state.

Corporal Azzariti had this to say in the legalize marijuana advertisement:

“Please vote yes on Amendment 64 so that other vets don’t have to suffer. I was a Marine for six years, I deployed to Iraq twice. I came home and started having the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Marijuana helped me from the moment I started using it. It calmed me down, it slowed my heart rate down, my anxiety was almost gone immediately.”

Veterans with PTSD do not currently have legal access to use of the organic medication, according to the Huffington Post. In September, a group of veterans in the state banded together to form the Veterans for 64 organization. The group does not agree with the Colorado Department of Public Health’s stance on the issue. The agency has twice denied PTSD for inclusion on the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana treatments.

Veteran Bob Wiley had this to say when announcing the formation of the Veterans for 64 group:

“Our only option is to support Amendment 64, which will ensure that Coloradans 21 and older who suffer from PTSD, will no longer be subject to arrest and prosecution for using marijuana.”

Recent polls indicate that support for marijuana legalization is favored slightly in Colorado.