Britney Spears’ Former Manager Allegedly Eager To Represent Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan will not be without a public relations specialist for long, if rumors about Sam Lutfi are accurate. Britney Spears’ self-appointed former manager is allegedly extremely eager to become Lilo’s new mouthpiece. Lutfi is currently embroiled in a breach of contract and libel lawsuit he filed against Spears’ and her parents.

Radar Online reports that Spears’ former associate would love to work with Lohan, but she reportedly wants nothing to do with him. Despite the high-profile lawsuit against Britney and her parents, Lutfi is still working in the entertainment industry. He allegedly represents Courtney Love and has reportedly been attempting to court Paris Jackson into a business relationship.

The Radar Online source had this to say about a Lindsay and Sam partnership:

“Sam has been desperate to get his hooks into Lindsay for a very, very long time. He reached out to her after Steve Honig quit last week, but she hasn’t returned his calls or text messages. Lindsay wants absolutely nothing to do with Sam. She doesn’t trust him and believes he is closely aligned with her estranged father, Michael Lohan. Lindsay says there is no way in h**l she would work with Sam.”

The source maintains that Lohan realizes that Lutfi does not know “anything” about the entertainment industry. Lilo also allegedly recognizes the problems that Britney went through when Lutfi was acting as her self-appointed manager.

Lohan’s agents and attorneys would not even begin to consider working with Spears’ former associate in any capacity, if the source’s claims are true. The supposed insider had this to say when sharing some final thoughts on Lindsay’s need for a publicist:

“Quite frankly, the last thing Lindsay wants or needs in her life right now is Sam Lutfi.”