‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Next Big Death Revealed By Big Casting News?

The Walking Dead mid-season finale gave fans some big moments, including the deaths of two members of the Alexandria community. However, viewers can’t help but wonder who the next big death will be when Season 7 returns in February. Recently, a big hint might have been dropped when a huge piece of casting news was reported.

Warning: Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers below!

According to Comic Book, actress Sonequa Martin-Green has landed the lead role in the highly anticipated new CBS series, Star Trek: Discovery. The latest TV installment in the Star Trek franchise has tapped Sonequa as it’s leading lady, and fans are already smelling death for Martin-Green’s Walking Dead character, Sasha. It seems unlikely that the actress would be able to film both shows at once since The Walking Dead films for much of the year in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Will Sasha die in Season 7?
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The report suggests that Sasha may be taking on the role of a comic book character named Holly. The character of Sasha isn’t in The Walking Dead comic book series. However, Sasha’s journey seems to be mirroring that of another comic book character named Holly. Holly is a resident of Alexandria who falls for Abraham. The two bonded much like Sasha and Abraham did on the show, and after Abraham’s death, Holly steps up to help bring down Negan.

In the comic books, Holly volunteers to drive a truck through the gates of The Sanctuary, which lets a heard of walkers in. Negan saves Holly and then proceeds to torture her. Negan and Rick broker a deal to get Holly back, and Negan returns Holly to Rick with a bag over her head. However, Negan had turned Holly into a zombie before returning her to her group. While nothing has been confirmed, many fans believe that Sasha could be taking on Holly’s storyline on the show, which would set her up for a heartbreaking and epic death scene if the show is taking that route.

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead seems to be following the comic books pretty closely this season with Glenn’s death at the hands of Negan, Carl and Negan’s exchange, Spencer’s death in the mid-season finale, and Maggie’s new role developing at The Hilltop. If Sasha is going to be given Holly’s comic book death, then it seems the time is quickly approaching. Fans watched in the mid-season finale as Rick and the rest of the group finally reunited and seemed to have one common goal, which was to take down Negan. Sasha has already been plotting on her own about how she might get her hands on Negan, and with the help of her friends, she’ll finally be able to get to work. Unfortunately, all signs are pointing to her bravery and quest for vengeance being the thing that ends her life.

The Walking Dead: Will Sasha die in Season 7?
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The Walking Dead Season 7 started off with high ratings, but the show’s numbers continued to dwindle as the season marched on. Many fans complained of stale storylines and a lack of action following the brutal and gruesome season premiere. However, the second half of the season promises to be much more intense as it appears the people from Alexandria, The Hilltop, The Kingdom, and possibly the women of the Oceanside community will all unite in the war against Negan. A war that will likely see many character fatalities, but will Sasha be one of them?

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers and theories? Do you think Sonequa Martin-Green’s new Star Trek role spells death for the character of Sasha?

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