Johnny Depp Suffering From Low Cash Flow? Is The Star Attempting To Continue To Control Amber Heard By Refusing To Pay?

The divorce drama between former couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues, all due to the refusal by Depp to pay the remaining $6.8 million settlement he was ordered to give the actress, who has vowed to give the entire $7 million Depp owes her to charity.

The Magic Mike starlet is now taking Depp to court to attempt to receive what she is owed. The settlement negotiations were nearly complete, and the divorce was nearly finalized, but Johnny Depp has refused now to pay the amount, citing “public comments” which Heard made over the past few weeks regarding domestic violence. Speculations have been made that the Pirates of the Caribbean star is angered by the Public Service Announcement that Amber Heard shot at the end of November in addition to the letter she wrote last week that was an offering of support to victims of domestic violence.

However, neither the letter nor the PSA mentioned Johnny by name, yet the notable actor still considers this to be a breach of the confidentiality clause that is within their divorce agreement, so he is currently withholding the money he had promised his estranged wife. By withholding the amount, this makes it impossible for Amber to follow through with the public promises she made.

Jezebel notes other settlement agreements that Johnny had promised, which he has yet to follow through on.

“In addition to not paying her the money she is owed as per the divorce agreement, Heard is also mad that Depp hasn’t followed through with any of the other things they agreed upon, like transferring the title of a Range Rover to her name and setting a time to meet to discuss dividing up their shared belongings.”

Depp’s refusal to pay has, of course, sparked rumors around Hollywood that Depp is a little short on “cashflow right now,” as Lainey Gossip states. And rumor has it that the star owes a number of people aside from his ex. The gossip site states that sources have alleged that Johnny Depp is ” behind on some other payments too, including legal.”

It does seem a little far-fetched that an actor who has managed a successful career as a Hollywood leading man spanning multiple decades and was just labeled the most “overpaid actor” by Forbes is suffering from cash flow problems.

LG goes on to speculate that Johnny’s refusal to pay is less about a cash flow problem and more about maintaining a level of control over the stunner who he used to have by his side. The site goes so far as to state that this is a continuation of the alleged abusive behavior towards Amber Heard.

“She used to be the young, beautiful woman at his side who put up with all his scarves and drunken outbursts. Now she’s free of him. And she will be completely free of him as soon as the paperwork is handled and the money transfer is complete. Until then though, he’s still in her life. He still gets to be a part of her life. They’re still connected. She’s still tied to him. It’s classic abusive behaviour.”

Since the settlement agreement was reached in August, both Johnny and Amber have continued in their respective careers and maintained a relatively low profile. Depp has made a few appearances and recently threw on his Jack Sparrow garb to visit a children’s hospital in London, but there have been reports that Depp has appeared to be quite down as of late. Forbes noted the possibility that the allegations brought against the actor by Heard will likely continue to hurt his career for months to come.

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