‘Star Wars’ Rumors And Spoilers: Episode 8 Details Revealed As Episode 9 Production Gets A Date

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is currently showing in theaters across the world. Despite this, fans who have already seen the film are already yearning for news of the next two films in the Star Wars main saga. The good news is that sources have revealed that production is already ongoing for Star Wars Episode 8 and 9. And not only are release dates of the next Star Wars movies are out but also some juicy plot detail.

According to Slashfilm, while Episode 8 has already started production a long time ago. Star Wars Episode 9 is set to follow with a production date set for April 2017. This is really a bit early as what was anticipated by Star Wars fans. In comparison, the Star Wars Episode 8 movie started production last February and will be getting a December 2017 release date. However, there is going to be a major change for the latest Star Wars movies as this will put the Episode 9 movie into a May 2019 release.

This was announced as some sort of sentimental call as the franchise used to have a memorial day weekend opening. Though a good guess is that the company is trying to squeeze in more movies especially since the openings are going to be a bit tight for Disney with the upcoming standalone Han Solo film.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is now being heralded as the better movie compared to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Part of the reason was because Rogue One: A Star Wars Story contained unique action sequences while offering a fresh perspective on the Star Wars Saga. If this plot spoiler from Cinema Blend is true, the plot of Star Wars Episode 8 could be much more akin to what Rogue One did. It would still have elements of what The Empire Strikes back did the same way the original Star Wars film did for The Force Awakens.

Basically, since everyone probably knows by now that Star Wars: The Force Awakens ended with Rey finding Luke Skywalker on a remote island like planet. This will be the focal point of Star Wars: Episode 8 with Luke finding a way to let Rey stay on the island. According to the source, Luke is allowed to inhabit the island while Rey is not. She will then have to convince a group of bird-like creatures with killer claws to let her stay.

While that sounds really scary, the bird-like creatures are also described by various sources as looking like the popular toy Furby so that means they probably will go with something like the Ewoks. After the meeting with these creatures, this is where things get interesting as the bird-like creatures will give her a test in the form of a battle with a sea creature.

There is a full-size Millennium Falcon parked in the woods near Star Wars: Episode 8‘s Pinewood Studios set and we know this because people keep on “stumbling” into it and taking lovely pictures that probably have the Lucasfilm legal department furrowing their brows and exploring their options. The latest round of photos arrived at Oblivion State (a “British urban exploration forum“) and you can click that link if you want to check out a large gallery of images. Of all the set photos that have made their way online so far, these are undeniably the best of the bunch. They’re taken with great care, showcasing the famous ship from every possible angle. The photographer even ventures inside of the Falcon, offering a fun look at how the exterior versions of the ship are detailed facades with nothing inside save for a few support beams. #exclusive #milleniumfalcon #episode8 #starwars

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While the parallels with the second Star Wars film are inevitable. Putting a female lead in a grueling test instead of being a damsel in distress will be a fresh take on Star Wars. Rey’s training and hardships at the island will most likely be more grueling than when Luke did it with Yoda.

Plus, this will probably have a more charming feel than the more epic landscape of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Star Wars Episode 8 will most likely go the emotional route with Rey presumably going to get to know more about her parents and also forming a bond with her new master Luke. The evolution of Kylo Ren would most likely be tackled within this Star Wars film and fans will probably get a sense of whether he is a friend or a foe. Christmas 2017 will sure be a lot fun when Episode 8 of the Star Wars saga opens.

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