Disney Cruise Ship Gets Hammered By Hurricane Sandy [Video]

A Disney Cruise Ship got hammered by Hurricane Sandy earlier this week as it rushed to return to Port Canaveral.

Cruise Critic reports that the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship sustained some damage from the frightening storm as it attempted to return to port on October 26 and 27. Various reports have stated that the ship was “tossed around” during the storm and that the restaurants, stores, and bars on the ship suffered a lot of damage.

Claire Stopher writes at Staten Island Live:

“The final night of the cruise was terrifying. The damage that was done to the stores, bars and ship was stunning the next morning and very sad.”

A CNN reader filed an iReport, writing:

“By 12:00 a.m. Saturday, the ship was being tossed in every direction… Around 2 a.m., there was a violent tossing of the ship from side to side and most of the furniture was overturned in our room. All of the glassware was shattered as it hit the ground… Shortly after, the most intense moments, the ship’s captain announced that all passengers should remain in their rooms. The two upscale restaurants (Palo and Remy) had major damage.”

According to the report, the ship was tossed around by Hurricane Sandy and at one point the ship tilted so far that furniture slid across the room.

The report reads:

“There was a moment in the night where they ship tilted so far to the right that the furniture moved across our room. If you think about how far a thirteenth story ship has to tilt for furniture to move, it says a lot … The captain of the ship and its crew members were apologetic for the rough waters the ship went through … The ship was rising and dropping into the water pretty dramatically, it was really startling at times.”

The Disney Cruise Line admitted that the ship had minor damage on its interior but said that the overall condition of the cruise ship was fine.

Rebecca Peddie, the manager of public affairs for Disney Destinations, told Cruise Critic:

“Overall, the ship is fine and is currently out sailing a seven-night Western Caribbean voyage. We had minor damage involving some cracked windows and some furniture damage that we have addressed.”

A video published by a passenger on the Cruise ship shows a rough sea, apparent flooding by the pool, a gift store that has its merchandise all over the floor, and a few stills from one of the restaurants aboard the ship that had several plates break during the storm.


Here’s a video of the Disney Cruise ship getting hammered by Hurricane Sandy.

According to an iReport filed at CNN, the captain and the crew did their best to comfort passengers during the ordeal. Passengers were also given a 25% discount on their next cruise.

The report reads:

“The captain and crew were amazing despite the harrowing moments we experienced last night. The captain did mention to passengers that the power of the storm exceeded what had been forecast in the area.”

You can see a time-lapse video of Hurricane Sandy here.