Kim Kardashian: Alleged New Video Of Robbery Is Fake News

Kim Kardashian Fake News

There is not a new video that shows what happened during Kim Kardashian’s robbery. Radar Online is the culprit of this latest rumor.

“An explosive new video tied to the seedy underbelly of Paris could crack Kim Kardashian’s robbery case wide open at last — by revealing one of the culprits! In a world exclusive, has obtained a copy of alleged security camera footage taken of the chilling heist that unfolded at the No Name Hotel in Paris on the night of October 3.”

The article adds that according to an insider who claims to have ties to the French underground, the robbers demanded that the staff at the property give them the footage from the cameras in hopes that they would remove any trace of evidence. Some of the commenters after the article are pretty harsh towards Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian Robbery

“Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird she stopped to adjust her hair in the middle of being in a head lock?” asked one commenter.

“Yeah, Okay. Enough! No one believes her!” says another.

However, Gossip Cop has declared this whole story to be nothing but fake news.

“A story purporting to have new video from Kim Kardashian’s robbery is ‘false,’ Gossip Cop is exclusively told. In fact, it seems to be an example of fake news,” says columnist Shari Weiss, who notes that not only does the video not show Kim Kardashian’s robbery, but that Radar Online was one of the sites that declared Kardashian’s robbery a hoax right after it happened.

This isn’t the first major Kim Kardashian rumor that Gossip Cop had to debunk this week. A story by Mediatakeout, which was deleted (possibly due to legal threats), alleged that Kardashian was cheating on Kanye West with NFL star Marquette King. Gossip Cop summarized the fake story.

“MediaTakeOut contends West and Kardashian’s marriage is strained, before asking, ‘But is it now close to being over?’ The webloid then alleges that Kardashian’s been ‘creeping’ and ‘seeking comfort’ from Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King.”

Kim Kardashian Kanye West

Mediatakeout tried to use Barstool Sports as the source for the rumor. In any case, as Gossip Cop pointed out, the rumor regarding Kim Kardashian cheating is a complete lie.

“Kim Kardashian is not cheating or ‘creeping’ on Kanye West, despite another misguided report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this falsehood. We’re told the claim is fake,” said columnist Michael Lewittes, adding that Mediatakeout recently had to issue a retraction for falsely alleging that Kardashian staged the robbery in Paris.”

There is one thing that is true based on interviews and well-researched stories from the media: Kim Kardashian was a Hillary Clinton supporter. One wonders what she thought of Kanye West’s “meeting” with Donald Trump on Tuesday. People says that Kanye’s meeting with Trump is pretty low on their list of conflicts.

“But a source close to the couple tells People exclusively that their political differences are the least of their worries. That’s so far down the list of what they’re dealing with at this point,’ says the source. ‘Lots of couples have political differences; that’s not a deal breaker.'”

The source does admit to People that the couple has been dealing with “several stressors” in their marriage. After all, West was recently discharged from a hospital where he was being treated for exhaustion. All of this has made the divorce speculation intensify.

Do you think Kim and Kanye will stick together? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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